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    VDO has a temp sender that mounts i the drain plug hole. this sending unit takes the place of the orginal drain plug. Iv'e seen this before in a magazine. They didn't really coment about it, other than "we used VDO's drain plug sender, for ease of instalation." Has anyone ever used this...
  2. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Does anyone know of an existing remote oil drain kit for a 2003? I need something that allows me to change oil without removing the lower plastic cover. Thanks in advance.
  3. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hey guys, anyone spec an oil drain plug for a V6 ? fram makes a suredrain, but it doesn't fit our cars anyone have one on their cars now. If not, has anyone sourced a crush washer at any other place than the dealer? Thanks much, Steve <![CDATA[Hey guys, anyone spec an oil drain plug for a...
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    The dealer today said that I have to buy the plug and the crush washer together, as a unit. Huh!? Is that correct? Seems odd. Can I get this crusher washer at NAPA?
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    Fumoto Engine Oil Drain Valve? Anybody used one? Or something like it? it's a ball valve that you put in place of your drain plu. It shoudl make oilc hanges sure quick and easy. But is it safe? What are the chances of it coming open accidently or getting snagged on something? I'd love to be...
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    Wanted: Transmission Oil Drain Socket (Triple Square Drive 16 mm Taper Proof) email at [email protected]
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    FS: Manual tranny drain tools, incl. #3357 Changed out the manual transmission fluid on my '98 B5 (60k mi) this weekend with RL MT90... Let me just say the shifting difference is night and day; can you say "butter"? Anyway, I spent $58 to get both the 17mm allen (fill) and the 16 mm safety...