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  1. Show me your DPE's?

    The Showroom
    Who PIMPIN' DPE's? In my mind the most gangstar wheels out there atm. Let see some DPE's on :b5: or :b55: -Cookin'
  2. FS: DPE Designs CF hood for B5.5

    Classified Archive
    I have one of four DPE Designs CF hood ever manufactured for the B5.5 left. I am selling it for SOLD and requires pick up. Used for a year and a half. Looks good. There is one blem. I am not shipping this thing so local pick up only. ***This hood has been sold***
  3. FS: 19" DPE Ro6's!

    Classified Archive
    FS: Staggered 19" DPE Ro6's! SOLD! CUSTOM Brushed Aluminum finish: 19x10 rears 3inch lip on Ventus K104 265/30/19 and 19x8 front 2inch lip on the new Proxes 4 235/35/19. Two front wheels are only 2 months old, same as tires. No bends. Can send more pic's if requested. I don't know what the...
  4. FS: Wheels (DPE R16, Jline 16RL2) and some random things

    Classified Archive
    Here we go: 1. Borbets no longer available. 2. 18x8" and 18x9" DPE R16 wheels, titanium asphalt finish with polished lip more pics in my profile No tires, just wheels and all the necessary hardware $1,500+shipping 3. 18x9" Jline 16SL2, polished with Goodyear F1 DS-G3 225/40-18 tires (3k...
  5. FEELER: 19" DPE R06, 2 BRAND NEW, 2 used

    Classified Archive
    Just a feeler so if anyone would be interested. They are 19x8 front w/tires 235/35/19 Hancooks, 19x10 rear 265/30/16 Hancooks. The rears are used, NO BENDS, the FRONT wheels are BRAND NEW, just bought them (cost me $1500 just for two, actually I don't even have them yet, they're on their way to...
  6. FS: 18" DPE R16s w/ Tires

    Classified Archive
    Anodized anthracite with polished lip 18x8 up front (1.5") 18x9 in back (2") Falken GRB FK451's Clears Front AND Rear BBKs 2300.00 OBO +shipping Shipping from Pasadena, CA 91101 Pics here and more in my profile
  7. DPE makes more than rims

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    DPE makes more than rims, they make CF hoods too I finally got my carbon fiber hood from DPE. I went to take picts but my Digi Cam is dead. I will have them up tomorrow. Just a little teaser for now.
  8. 19" DPE (DPEngineering) R07 Variant S

    Classified Archive
    DPE (DPEngineering) R07 Variant S 19x8 Front and 19x10 Rear 235/35/19F 265/30/19R Hankook Tires, almost new, only 1000 miles Gunmetal Center Polish Lips- 2" Front/3.5" Rear Fit W208 W209 W210 W211 W203 (rear is aggressive) Mint condition Socal pickup preferred Came off a CLK Showcar $3000 or...
  9. 19" DPE's!!!

    The Showroom
    Got new wheels! 19" DPE's!!! Yes these are the wheels off of Eugene's (now passatevos car) car. I love em'!!! 19x8 front, 19x10 rear :Yikes: I also had bilstein adjustables installed (front set to 1 notch below neutral for a forward rake look). I think the front is perfect but the rear is...
  10. FS: DPE R06 Varient S 19x8 19x10 plus spare wheel

    Classified Archive
    Ok heres the deal... got 5 DPE R06S. 4 have rubbers, the 5th is completely brand new never mounted. I got a fifth as a spare but never got a tire for it... so basically i have 3 19x8's two with tires (falken St-115's 235/35 19), and 2 19x10 (falken St 115 275/30 19). They are brushed...
  11. FS: 19" DPE R-06's w/tires

    Classified Archive
    FS: 19" DPE R-06's w/tires***SOLD*** here are the specs: DPE R-06 2 piece Brushed aluminum 5x112 PCD 19x8 up front and 19x10 in the rear 35mm offset all around Ventus K-104 235-35-19 front 265-30-19 rear looking to get 2600.00 shipped. both wheels can e-mail more pic's if necessary
  12. FS: 18" DPE R16s

    Classified Archive
    DPE R16 wheels, Anodized gunmetal with polished lip. 18x8" with Falken Grb Fk451 225/40-18, 18x9" with Falken Grb Fk451 245/40-18, Perfect condition, no curb rash, no bends. Includes all necessary hardware for mounting (tuner bolts and wheel locks). Pictures of wheels available in my profile...
  13. Survey on DPE Wheels.

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    I'd like to get your guys' input/comments about the DPE Wheels. Thanks for your cooperation!
  14. FS: DPE Brushed R06S Staggered 19x8 2" (f) 3"(r)

    Classified Archive
    I got a set of brand new DPE Brushed R06S 19x8 in a staggered setup.. the front lip is measured at 2 inches and the rear is at 3" with a 30mm offset all around. These are brand new, never mounted... buyer backed out :mad: ... these are ready to ship no wait time. Retailed at over $3200.00...
  15. Your thoughts on DPE R08 Variant S

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    So I'm looking at moving away from multispokes for a while. What do you guys think about these:
  16. DPE SALE at EF1 Motorsports!!!

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    EF1 Motorsports wants to see at least 10 more VWs or Audis rolling on DPEs. We are going to sell 10 sets of DPEs at wholesale price to any VW 0r Audi. :eek: Here are some examples of wholesale prices: 18x8- $2338.20, 19x8- $2632.64. DPE sizes are: 18x8, 18x9, 18x10, 19x8, 19x10...
  17. choose my wheels! DPE vs. Maya

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    My girlfriend chose these two. She's probably going to be sponsoring the wheels. :-P :) (who knows what that means) She knows that I'm tired of looking for them, so she's been looking through Euro Car and Eurotuner...and her choices are: DP Engineering R16's or Maya STM's (as seen on...
  18. FS: Brand new 19" x ??" DPE R-06 Variant in Brushe

    Classified Archive
    FS: Brand new 19" x ??" DPE R-06 Variant in Brushed Aluminum I have a brand new set of centers of 19" DPE R-06 Variant in Brushed Aluminum. Ready to be assembled to either a 8" or 10" wide barrel and custom offset of your choice. This is a 2 piece wheel. $2800. For more pictures of the R-06...
  19. who has dpe wheels on there passat ?

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    saw this and wondered whos it is