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  1. 2000 1.8t Double Platinum or Iridium plugs?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hey all I understand the engine is spec'd for the Double Platinum plugs (ie NGK PFR6Q's), the car is totally stock, 90k original miles, and the gas mileage is not very good so IMO it's the plugs...anyways, anybody running Iridium plugs over the Double Platinums? Iridiums seem to be about the...
  2. Single to double din

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Thinking about putting a pioneer DVD player in but it's a double din and what I have now is a stock single din with premium sound package with the Manuel climate controls so will it be a easy play and play or will have to cut some shit out or make modify any thing ? If anyone has tried this...
  3. Are double din switches different to single din?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hi, I have a 2001 Passat B5, and I've performed the double din conversion. However, when I install my original hazard and rear demister switches, I find they are a very tight fit and actually so much so that they get stuck on/off when pressed. I've tried two different double din center frame...
  4. Aftermarket Double Din install in 2004 B5.5 Passat GLS

    Mobile Electronics
    Just wondering what is all needed to install a Kenwood Double Din stereo in my sons 2004 Passat. He got the stereo for Christmas and we called the car audio store to find a wire harness and they told us we need about $180 in other parts... wire harness, antenna adapter and a steering wheel...
  5. Window Trim Adhesive, 3M industrial double stick tape?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I know this issue has been discussed several times on PW. I'm trying to find a RELIABLE adhesive to re-attach the thin upholstery trim strip that rides above the door. Many suggestions on previous threads. The one that sounds the best is what the user described as "3M industrial grey (thin)...
  6. WTB: B5 Double DIN radio trim: 3B0 858 069

    WTB/WTT Section
    Hi, I'm looking for the double DIN radio trim for a Passat B5, part number 3B0 858 069. It doesn't matter too much what colour the trim is although carbon fibre effect would be preferable. The part looks like this (ignore the colour): I can find it on eBay for cheap but it ships from China...
  7. (KY) FS: Pioneer Double Din DVD AVH-P3400BH

    Parts For Sale
  8. Double Din Convertion Kit cage

    Parts For Sale
    Hello guys; As stated in title, I have a double din conversion kit for sale. In great condition / new codition Bought this while ago for my B5 but sold the car and it is now just collecting dust. This is a great interior upgrade for any MK4, B5/B5.5 Price is: $50 shipped to anywhere in the...
  9. Another Stuck Double Din...

    B5 Garage
    Wanted to pull my stereo, so I ordered keys. It's stuck and won't budge. Unfortunately, I cracked the woodgrain frame veneer while trying to get the stereo out. So, I'm going to order a new bezel, but need to figure out how to take the old bezel off. Should I remove the dash to get the stereo...
  10. 2003 OEM Double DIN Head Unit and CD Changer

    Parts For Sale
    I have an OEM Double DIN Head Unit and 6 CD changer form a 2003 Passat GLS Wagon. The HU was part of the Monsoon Sound System but will work without as stand-alone. I replaced the HU with a Kenwood DPX791 so that I could have bluetooth and be able to play MP3 CDs and key drives. The HU works...
  11. Double DIN Android Unit

    Mobile Electronics
    My car is 2001.5 Passat w/Monsoon. I found this and anyone can tell me do or don't it... : Pumpkin Quad Core Android 4.4 Double Din Car DVD Player AM/FM Radio 7 inch In Dash HD Touchscreen GPS For VW PASSAT B5 GOLF 2004-2009 with Backup Cam Support 3G/Wifi/iPod/DVR/OBD2/ Mirror...
  12. Double checking fitment before taking the plunge

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    Here goes. We have an 05 Passat GLS wagon, fwd auto and stock suspension. It needs new tires, and my dad gave me a set of 17x8 Mille Miglia wheels that I think will look really nice on it. They originally went on his BMW, so we need to order adapters to get the bolt pattern to line up. I've...
  13. 2002 Passat non-monsoon double din

    Mobile Electronics
    First a little background .I removed my non-monsoon double din deck from my 2002 Wagon with the 2.8l awd tiptronic. . I used a Scosche VW03B adaptor. The new deck powers on, works fine. The only thing is it does not turn off with the key anymore. I have to turn it off or on with the power...
  14. Soldering in an AUX line on Monsoon Double Din

    Mobile Electronics
    I have partially disassembled the HU and I want to know which lines I can solder to in order to have a LCH, RCH and Ground line so I can hack in an AUX jack. I understand that some traces on the PCB have to be cut, but I have no idea which. I am comfortable soldering but I have almost no...
  15. 18/17in double stagg wagonC5 rims $500/trade

    Parts For Sale
    very good mint shape. oem staggered wheels. 5x120's vette spec 18X9.5in and 17X8.5in 4 caps 4 wheels oem vette lugs selling whats posted. No adapters**No tires 500 cash takes the set. TRADES CONSIDERED FOR OTHER WHEELS IN 5X100 18s or 19s locals only,
  16. Overheat double whammy

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Took friend to airport yesterday. For the first time since I've owned my 04 GLS 1.8T I turned the temp knob away from cold to the middle dial setting and turned on the defogger. I do remember things actually getting too warm in the cabin and later shutting it off. Got to the airport dropoff...
  17. Double pull handle to open door

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I replaced my lock actuator, and ever since then I've had to pull my door handle twice to open the door from the inside. No problems when opening from the outside. The black cable that connects to the door handle is hooked on and clipped properly. What did I do wrong?
  18. 17in saab aero 3-spoke double alu36 rims $500

    Parts For Sale
    17in saab aero 3-spoke double alu36 rims $500
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