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  1. If anyone needs service documents...

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So, my best friend now for 29 yrs, has just started a position at VW Canada as a Service Accounts Manager. I have no idea what this means, but he told me if I ever needed detailed service documents when I work on my car to let him know. He said he will send me pdf's of what I need. Of course I...
  2. EPA closing libraries and destroying documents

    The Black Hole
    Ran across this letter today.... Anyone come up with a logical explanation for this? EPA closing libraries and destroying documents The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has begun closing its nationwide network of scientific libraries, effectively preventing EPA scientists and the...
  3. More Official Documents Supporting Lt. John Kerry

    Off-Topic Forum
    Advice to George Bush: Dumya, you betta distance yourself from those Not-too-Swift Vets soon, because their lies are blowing up like a grenade. Maybe you should follow the lead of your lawyer (the same one that helped you steal the election).
  4. Democratic staff stole GOP documents

    Off-Topic Forum lets hear it for republican integrity. sigh ;(
  5. Digitizing documents. Good or bad?

    Off-Topic Forum
    Hey All, I was wondering about something and need advice. I have a habit of digitizing all my important documents, from warranty deeds to car registration forms, contracts and electronics receipts, etc. into PDF files and onto CDs that I keep at my dad's, and a bank safety deposit box. The...