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  1. Parts For Sale
    Hi Guys, Anyone interested in a 20 GB DMS cart for a phatbox system? $25 Let me know!
  2. Mobile Electronics
    Does anyone know where i can buy the DMS cable? My cradle went bad and need a replacement but this time around i was thinking about going with the USB cable instead of the whole cradle. I think when they first became available the were called the "travel sync cable" or something. If I cant...
  3. Mobile Electronics
    Does DMS cartrigde needs any software or special format to work with the system? Let's say I want to put new - bigger hard disk inside the cardrigde, does it need any special treatment or format to make it compatible with Phatnoise system? I'd appreciate any help.
  4. Mobile Electronics
    My Phatnoise cradle was stolen along with just about every other piece of electronic equipment I owned a few months ago. Do you know if a Kenwood Keg cradle would work? Phatnoise wants $80 for a replacement, which seems steep for a docking port.
  5. Mobile Electronics
    Anyone have a problem with their DMS cartridge? I got my Phatbox on Monday (so psyched to have gotten it for $119!) but I've had nothing but problems with the cartridge. I tried the Phatnoise site and some of the troubleshooting tips but it just keeps getting worse! :banghead: Here's the...
  6. Mobile Electronics
    Last night I installed the Phatbox unit into my car. This morning I loaded the software, then plugged-in the DMS Cradle, then connected the DMS module - Yes, I'm actually following the directions (rare, for me!). :D I went through the setup, loaded a CD into the drive, and proceeded through...
  7. Mobile Electronics
    Hi, Anyone know what this type connector this is. If I could get a extender made with this connector then it would be possible to close the bay door in the variant as it would be possible to move the DMS module to some other spot. It looks to be 2X25 connector type. (i.e. 25 pins per side)...
  8. Mobile Electronics
    Right now I am making it (still haven't installed as I am waiting on a mounting kit) where each artist is on its on disc. Is there a better way to do it? Would it be better to make a disc with every song, then make playlists from there? Thanks! Stephen.
1-8 of 11 Results