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  1. Mobile Electronics
    Hi everyone, I'm posting this thread as I'm hoping it may help others. When I initially bought my VW MFD-D Sat Nav and retrofitted it into my Passat B5, I was sad to see that it gave the error "unable to read disc". So I tried many things, firstly I bought a genuine disc secondhand off of...
  2. Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Hi Guys, My VW passat B6 (2007) both rear calipers have failed. Rubber case has worn off and dust into the pistons making it very hard to retract fully. Because of this the car was slow to drive cause the brakes cannot fully retract after deploying and sort of holding on to the discs. So I went...
  3. New Member Introductions
    Hi Posted in here twice but wasn't allowed to post in B6 forum so here goes. I have recently purchased a second hand 2010 passat highline plus, 2.0tdi. Being second hand my car has not come with either the discs required for the satnav (I think its an RNS 310 unit) or the blue tooth touch...
  4. Volkswagen Passat TDI Discussion
    Hi, I have recently bought a VW Passat Highline 2004 TDI 1.9 model. I really like it. Unfortunately, it appears that I need to replace both sets of break discs, front and back. I guess this means i need to replace break pads too. I have been looking around at various places for parts and...
  5. Mobile Electronics
    My OEM CD player is showing "CD Err" on all 6 discs in the changer. They were skipping incessantly for a few days, now they've stopped working, will work for an hour or so, then go back to the same thing. I did a search and tried a few things that I gathered from them: 1) Cleaned the inside...
  6. B5 Garage
    I want to replace the front discs on my 99 1.8T B5 and I'm wondering if anyone can recommend a brand / supplier to supply discs and pads. I don't race so don't need top of the line slotted drilled disc's but do want a high quality everyday disc / pad combination Thanks Andrew
  7. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hi guys. I'm needing to change my front pads and discs on my 2000 tdi! I have found a how to on changing the pads and discs on this site but I can't seem to get the pictures to load and the forum won't allow me to reply on it so I find myself here askin if any of you know if the pictures could...
  8. Europe
    Hey guys, where can i find Eagle brake discs ? i know their site but i can't find a distributer anywhere... tks
  9. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I changed those 20-25k miles ago, not even two years, and I feel the warping coming back, normal? V6 2003, I installed the brembo OE solid faced from the group buy with some PBR/Axxis Deluxe Plus pads
  10. Classified Archive
    A set of 2 brand new rear brake discs and pads for a 97 and up Passat. Ate discs and Pagid pads. $50 My wife totaled her car before I got around to putting them on. Craig Los Angeles, CA 310 403 1064
  11. Mobile Electronics
    I am currently using the OEM Nav System Version G with the 10 map CD's and was wondering if there was a way to get updated discs with a better display, more updated maps, or even a way to get all the maps consolidated onto 1 disc? The maps look like they were drawn in crayon by a 5 year old and...
  12. Classified Archive
    FS: ELSAWIN v3.4 VW, Audi, and SEAT discs - SOLD $20 includes shipping. Seven DVD disc set. Just like an electronic version of the Bentley Manual. However, it covers all VW Models, all Audi Models, and all Seat models. 1986-2007:thumbup:
  13. Classified Archive
    Hi, Just had front discs changed. Originally going to fit OEM ones, but VW gave me so free discs after they mucked up a brake change. Therefore I have the OEM ones for sale: Still boxed, sealed. Part number 8E0615301B, front discs by Febi Bilstein. Post in the UK, only want whatever you can...
  14. Classified Archive
    CD Magazine from 6 disc changer (OEM) in 2000 Passat B5 for sale. $30 shipped (OBO). PM me if interested! Thanks.
  15. Europe
    please recommend a 288mm discs and pads set up, i was thinking of some from G&S they do some brembos not drilled though, i want something firm so that when you hit the pedal you get an instant response not 3 days later like i am at the moment :x ....also been told theres play in o/s/f REAR...
  16. Europe
    the caliper has the spring type thing on the outside similiar to my previous mk3 golf vr6, n i think they were 280 or 288mm discs, can anyone confirm exactly, the brakes on the passat are poo anyway but after the remap summat needs to be done, will some drilled zimmerman uprated etc, make a...
  17. New Member Introductions
    I need to get my brake pads and discs changed as advised by the local garage. i got quotes for the discs and pads from parts sellers, discs £60 - £65, and pads £27 - £33. These are the most i could expect to pay for the parts. How easy is it to change the pads and discs? if its gonna save me...
  18. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    can anyone tell me if ate standard or power discs are any good for my 1.8t also will there pads be any use.
  19. Europe
    need advice on new front discs and pads. pagid 8 groove disks pagid feast road pads £198 from motorsportworld any good or any other sugestions plz
  20. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    My first set went 50k, then I switched to Mintex Redbox pads on OE rotors and I got 25k and shiteloads of dust. Can someone recommend a good place to buy replacement rotors and the lowest dust pads you can get ? Also how hard is it to diy ? Are there special tools ? Thanks