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  1. Group Buys
    Whenever I get these, I don’t have a place to put them - and they say, share with friends, so... I’ll put up fresh ones as the old ones expire: Code: 164170719137502952 Thank You for Being a RockAuto Customer! Using your discount code is easy! Enter your discount code in the 'How Did...
  2. Volkswagen Passat TDI Discussion
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  3. Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
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    CARiD is thankful for all members of the Police Force, Ambulance Service and Fire Service for the dedication that keeps our communities safe every day, and cared for after accidents and disasters. We know that Police, Firefighters and Emergency Medical Technicians rely on their personal vehicles...
    If you are looking to get a good deal on accessories or performance parts for your vehicle – it's the right time to check! We salute our troops with an exclusive discount for their service and dedication to defending our freedom! We welcome all Active Duty members, Reserves...
  6. Wheel and Tire Forum
    After 25 years of being on both sides of the counter, as a customer and service advisor, I am now resigned to simply being on the customer side of the counter and I have a few questions lol. I've decided on General Altimax HPs over Continental Extreme DWS. Ratings are similar but I have...
    CARiD is not only a good place to buy custom and replacement parts & accessories for your vehicle, it is a community of car enthusiasts from all over the world sharing their experience and car building ideas. YouTube is one of those social media playgrounds we use, to inform you on our new...
  8. Anything Auto
    I'm about to finally replace the Dunlops on my R with a set of Conti ExtremeContact DWS tires at Discount Tire. Discount has TPMS rebuild kits as an option, anyone have an opinion on purchasing this for $5.50/wheel?
  9. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    In case anybody else is interested, found a code for $50 off orders of $150 from Advance Auto Parts. Code is "visa". I do not know if/when this code expires. Just ordered a hitch for my 4motion wagon and got it for $108.95 delivered. :wrench:
1-10 of 96 Results