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  1. FS: Canon SD200 digicam w/ accessories

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    Note: item description changed from (2) 256mb -> (1) 512mb sd card Selling a used Canon SD200 camera in awesome condition. Comes with genuine Canon leather case + (1) 512mb SD cards. I used to have the original box and packaging but not sure if I can find it but if I do, it's yours. Because it...
  2. Played around with digicam (video inside)

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I was just playing around with my digicam and compiled this video for your pleasure. Nothing new or amazing, just starring my Passat :lol: Have a look. (right click, save as, video size 8Mb)
  3. Just trying my new digicam

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  4. Motorhome Mods, man I wish I had a digicam handy tonight!!!!

    Anything Auto
    Motorhome Mods, man I wish I had a digicam handy tonight!!!!! I am here at work, just chilling outside the powerplant on the balconey. A Colt's football game had just let out. I glance over at the Hoosier, OOOps, RCA Dome parking lot. What do I see? A big ass motorhome with green neon...