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  1. OEM Detroit Wheels and OEM Votex Crossbars

    Parts For Sale
    Wheels are sold Next are my OEM Crossbars. These were ran on my B5.5 and I am not sure if they will for a B5. It decent shape as well, just missing one cover, but that never real bothered me. Price: $100 Pics: Racks
  2. 2014 Detroit Euro Rally

    USA - West
    Have you spent a good amount of time and money to make your car drive and handle better? Well, you're probably the exception to the car enthusiast rule these days. Join this group of car enthusiasts that like the sound of squealing rubber over the sound of frames scraping. The weekend will go...
  3. I'm A Newbie and I Live in Detroit

    New Member Introductions
    I'm A Newbie and I Live in Detroit. Enough said.
  4. Detroit Euro Rally - Aug 10-11

    USA - West
    Detroit Euro Rally - August 10-11 Have you spent a good amount of time and money to make your car drive and handle better? Well, you're probably the exception to the car enthusiast rule these days. Join this group of car entusiasts that like the sound of squealing rubber over the sound of...
  5. Ferrari F70 Won't Bow in Detroit After All

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    Read the complete story on the Ferrari Enzo Successor at
  6. MK6 GTI Detroit's FS/FT

    Parts For Sale
    I have the stock mk6 gti wheels off my gti that I would like to trade. All mint with 3500 on the tires. 5x112 18x8 Looking to trade in the DMV area. Let me know what you have! Only way I would sell if it is local! $1000.00 for just the wheels. $1400.00 for wheels and tires. Kumho Ecsta LX...
  7. new from Detroit area

    New Member Introductions
    hey all, my name is Dale. I just got my 99 passat delivered yesterday. it is my first VW, and I am looking forward to driving it. but I need to rebuild the front end on it first. this is one of many vehicles that I own. I am converting a 4 cyl auto fox body mustang into a 302 manual, I...
  8. VW mechanics in the metro detroit area?

    B5 Garage
    So i just got this 98 1.8t 5 speed 4 days ago. 2 days ago started smoking on cold start. SOme people say it could be the intake leaking into the turbo and it burning off. The turbo has 26k on it. Well today it seems to have picked up a knock. Sounds like in the oil pan area. Its up top but when...
  9. Wtb Passat wagon

    Vehicles For Sale
    Iv been looking for 2 months now for a vw passat wagon. I'm looking 99-07 i4 that a depedable wagon with reasonable miles. I live in mi but willing to travel for the right deal. I love the forum can't wait to have my own. Andy via Detroit
  10. WTB: colorado red b5 hood and trunk in detroit

    WTB/WTT Section
    got these parts close to detroit? :thumbup:
  11. Detroit 18s with Pirelli P-Zero Neros

    Parts For Sale
    I was cruising the part department at my local dealership while getting some service today and I found these: I snapped the pics to consider them myself, but if you are interested, I can vouch they are in perfect shape, less then 1k wear on tires, original owner traded them in for 17s...
  12. Porsche to unveil competition-spec 918 in Detroit?

    Anything Auto Just two words: Yes, please! (not that I can afford one)
  13. mechanic recommendation needed in Toledo or Detroit

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    My aunt needs a mechanic who can do the 60,000 mile maintenance (including chanding the timing belt) on her 2000 Passat for substantially less than the $2300 her dealer quoted her. I'll be visiting her next week for the holidays and want to get this work done for her while I'm in town. Can...
  14. Detroit iron at the 1965 LeMans

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    In the parking lot, that is. Check out the link for the story and more pics.
  15. The Detroit Auto Show car of the year is... (drum roll, please...)

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    the candidates were: Ford's Flex; VW's Jetta TDI; and, Hyundai's Genesis. Guess which one won??? The Genesis! (holy cow!!!)
  16. 9 Detroit brands we'd miss the least

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    Interesting blog entry, I agree with most of it:
  17. VW shifts roadster debut to Detroit

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    Volkswagen will unveil its midengine roadster concept at the Detroit auto show in January, not the Los Angeles auto show later this month. Why the change? VW expects the roadster will attract more interest at the Detroit show, a company spokesman told Automotive News Europe. The roadster...
  18. Detroit area Machine Shop for Flywheel?

    B5 Garage
    Looking for a shop that can handle resurfacing the dualmass flywheel on our passats in the Detroit Michigan area + 100 mile radius. I'm doing the clutch along with everything else and need a place that I know has done it before. My experience has been that you drop the part off - they say "No...
  19. Adrian Hallmark's Q&A in the Detroit Free Press...

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    VWoA's Adrian Hallmark's Q&A in the Detroit Free Press... Excerpt (That's some answer to the second question): Q: Is Volkswagen considering a new plant in North America? Volkswagen has a plant in Mexico but closed its only U.S...
  20. Detroit North American International Auto Show Pictures (LOTS, 56k will explode)

    The Showroom
    Since the show doesnt start until Saturday i figured i would give everyone a little preview of the cars there since i was there for Press Week. Some are kinda blurry because my battery was dying and i was going quickly through the show. Anyway...some cool cars there, enjoy.