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  1. Escort Passport X50 Radar Detector Excellent Condition

    Misc for Sale
    Working on getting pics up. I'd like $225 shipped priority flatrate or $220 picked up 10463. Radar detector is in amazing shape. Looks and feels like new. Blue display. Includes SmartChord and Mounting Hardware. Will consider trades for phones or other electronics. Possibly some car parts too.
  2. Valentine 1 radar detector 325$

    Misc for Sale
    Valentine 1 radar detector 260$ obo Valentine 1 radar detector qjav18a for sale, it is the newer modle one, wanting 260$ o.b.o will include just the car plug in and the window mount. radar is in perfect condition, works fabulously but i have no need for it so wanting this gone soon. will post...
  3. What Radar Detector Do You Use?

    Mobile Electronics
    I have used a Whistler for the past 5 years or so with excellent results but wouldn't mind winning this... BEL STiR
  4. Beltronics RX 65 radar detector

    Misc for Sale Says the best performance, superior detection and ultra quiet operation Unit comes with smart plug , complete protection package and windshield mount. Beltronics is the technology leader in radar and laser protection, The pro RX 65 incorporates technology to give you the best...
  5. Help Hardwiring Radar Detector

    Mobile Electronics
    I have a 1999 Passat and I want to hardwire my new valentine one radar detector. It came with a hardwire kit that has a inline fuse in it. They recommend tapping into a wire to get the power but I'm use to going directly to the fuse box. I long time ago I had my Escort Passsport 8500 wired to...
  6. What Radar Detector Should I Get?

    Mobile Electronics
    I have a 1999 vw passat with 164,000 miles on it and im looking for a radar detector to assist me with my lead foot. I had a 2 cheap cobra detectors which were pieces of crap a few years back. Then I decided to purchase a Escort 8500 and I loved it! Unfortunately it quit working due to excessive...
  7. Hard Wire Radar Detector Help

    Mobile Electronics
    Well, just sold the 2001.5 variant and bought a '10 sedan. I'm looking to hardwire a V1. I've used an add-a-circuit on other cars, but the V1 comes with a wire tap. I searched for a DIY, but didn't find one. Does anyone have suggestions, or better yet, a comprehensive DIY for this install...
  8. Do you need a decent cheap radar detector? $39.99 WOOT today only 2/1/09

    Anything Auto
    no i am not a salesman, when i see a deal i share it. Whistler XTR-550 Radar and Laser Detector Warranty: One Year Whistler Features: Detects X, K, and Ka radar lasers Also detects POP mode Selectable voice alerts Red Text display with...
  9. GPS and Radar Detector

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey guys, I'm trying to figure out a way to set up my Radar detector and GPS set up so that I DO NOT have a giant cigarette power adapter splitter sticking out. In my old Volvo, I mounted an adapter in the glove box. I don't really want to have to disassemble my dash board in my 2000 Passat...
  10. Stealth install radar detector

    Mobile Electronics
    I bought myself a radar detector after getting my first speeding ticket the other day (80 in a 65 on the thruway at 11:30 pm...:banghead:). I want to do a "stealth" install, but I didn't get a detector with a remote display. I really want to see if I can pull apart the internals and mount the...
  11. Radar Detector Ruins Radio Reception

    Mobile Electronics
    Hey Guys, I've recently installed an Escort Solo S2 by the rearview mirror, and hardwired it along the drivers side a-pillar to the fusebox using an add-a-fuse tap. I've tried in the rear wiper slot and in the cigarette lighter slot and in both I get intermittently poor radio reception. It...
  12. FS: Bel RX65 Radar Detector

    Classified Archive
    Ranked as one of the top 3 detectors on the market. Asking 125 plus shipping. Theyre going for about 225....MSRP is 299.
  13. FS; Blue LED Passport X850 Radar Detector

    Classified Archive
    FS; Blue LED Passport X850 Radar Detector, SOLD ITEM HAS BEEN SOLD!!! I am selling a Blue LED Passport 8500 X50 Radar detector. Item is in good condition and am asking $175.00 plus shipping Below is a picture. Even though you might not be able to see this comes with the cigerette plug...
  14. Fs: Passport 8500 X50 Radar Detector

    Classified Archive
    This radar was only used about 4 months and then i got orders to italy. :thumbdownThey primarily use speed cameras here so i am providing the opportunity for one lucky PW member to pick it up for $200 plus shipping.:thumbup: shipping is from postal code 09613 (American APO Box) [email protected]
  15. WTB: Valentine or Good Radar Detector

    Classified Archive
    looking for a good radar detector, preferably a Valentine. PM me with offers please. Or send them to [email protected]
  16. FS: Cobra Radar Detector ESD-9860, local

    Classified Archive
    this 2003 Cobra ESD-9860 Radar Detector works perfectly! Best item when travelling on highways. Bought at around 160, now only ask for 60. I'm in queens, NY. You can either pick up or pay the shipping (below $10 I think) You can search for photo or reviews, sorry.
  17. Radar Detector users

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    If any of you want to hardwire your detector, here is a link for a cheap, fast delivering hookup... and if you are clueless as to WTF i am talking about.... Radar Hardwire Guide w/ Pictures - Passat World Forums...
  18. FS Beltronics Vector 940 radar detector

    Classified Archive
    Bought it last Christmas, and only has been used for about 3 months, then I switched to V1, it has been sitting in the box since... comes with original box, and manual. It's LIKE NEW. WORKS GREAT, asking for $110 SHIPPED. obo
  19. WTB: V1 Radar Detector...

    Classified Archive
    Like it says, if anyone has an up to date V1 for sell with atleast the visor mount and windshield mound, let me know. Send me a PM. Jay
  20. valentine 1 radar detector (rear view mirror)

    Anything Auto
    Now we all know the valentine 1 radar detector is one of the most respected ones in the market. well i dont know if many of you seen this but they offer a rear view mirror detector. here are some pics. and here is the link if any1 is interested...