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  1. In a Democrat(ic) Congress.....

    The Black Hole
    this is how you settle the debate on climate change.
  2. Democratic Response to State of the Union

    The Black Hole
    How weak is Webb to go through his family's military history, including he and his brother in Vietnam, and by reference, to characterize our involvement in Vietnam as worthwhile and correct. Is there something in his words that I'm not understanding? Isn't U.S. involvement in Vietnam...
  3. Who are/should be the Democratic contenders for 2008?

    The Black Hole
    Just wondering. All I've heard is Hillary Clinton (bad choice) and John Edwards name has popped up in the news lately. Any other potentials? Before people pile on, I think Hillary is quite qualified to be president. However, her candidacy would automatically have a 40 % unfavorable rating...