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  1. Mobile Electronics
    My wife got me a Roady XT for my birthday a couple weeks ago and I got around to installing it this weekend. I looked at what other folks on here had done and I wasn't completely happy with their solutions so I went my own way. I'm very happy with the way it turned out. I didn't do anything...
  2. Mobile Electronics
    Just wondering if anyone here has this unit and would like to comment on it. My GF is looking at getting an XM receiver and I found this for a great price. She is mainly looking to use it in the car and in the house some. I haven’t heard a lot about it, just read some reviews on Any...
  3. Mobile Electronics
    Bought my wife a Roady XT for x-mas - any pictures out there of a good clean install? I bought the car kit to hard wire the power and antenna so I won't be using the cassette adapter or the FM modulater. I thoght it would fit nicely in the ash tray compartment but that looks to be quite a bit of...
  4. Mobile Electronics
    I just bought the SkiFi receiver, installed it in my home, and I'm researching the best way is to affordably install it in my Passat. I have the Delphi SkiFi Car Kit, but could return it. Is there better equiptment that costs the less or a little more? The install by Bean looks really...
  5. Mobile Electronics
    Not only is the "night blue" display on the Delphi XM Roady all-in-one satellite radio system a perfect match for the Volkswagen blue dashboard lights, the mounting bracket is a good fit in Passats with the cubby hole in the center dash area. Installation took 30 minutes. At $119.99, it's a...
  6. Mobile Electronics
    looking at adding this tuner setup with the fm modulator to my monsoon, does anyone have it installed in their passat or have a recommended way to add it, maybe a special plug into the factory wiring or something? pics, tips, etc. would be appreciated. where does everyone mount their...
  7. Mobile Electronics
    I know i've viewed some mounted on the passenger side of the double din, but is there and way to mount it anywhere else? id like it to be as visible as possible!
  8. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I want some ideas as where to put this monster on my dash without ruining it.
  9. Mobile Electronics
    My first thread was here: The photos of the install and the button relocation.... Sorry the night photo is blurry but you will get the general idea.
  10. Mobile Electronics
    I installed the Delphi SkiFi Unit Saturday using the Pro Mount clip in the sixth button location. What a PITA this install was. Running the wire for the antenna was rough because the trim pieces are so tight and could not get the radio out - one of the inner clips was not responding so it had...
  11. Mobile Electronics
    Does anyone have a plug and play solution to use the Delphi XM unit with the blitzsafe adapter attached to the changer cable. I have searched the forum for Delphi but am having a hard time visualizing the best way to complete this install. I have ordered a Pro clip to mount the unit but am...
  12. Mobile Electronics
    So, this week, I took delivery of my first '03 Passat GLX. Traded in my beloved '99 Mazda Miata for this beauty...sure will be a little difficult thinking Neuspeed as opposed to R-Speed... My Mazda buddies are still a little perplexed at my actions... Anyhow, as a longtime XM Radio...
  13. Mobile Electronics
    I just can't visualize where the display would go. I want it to look nice with minimal wire exposure...and of course it doesn't get in the way of anything. I'm really leaning towards the Delphi unit although everything else is pretty much Alpine in my car. thanks for the advice/pics mike
1-13 of 16 Results