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    Selling my Dell D630 Laptop...Fresh OS install of Windows 7 Pro, Office 2007 Pro etc. All updates etc. Nothing wrong with it. $250 plus shipping. Would be great for using a VCDS (Vag com/Ross Tech)
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    SOLD For Sale USED Dell Latitude D600 14.1 inch display, 1.4ghz running Windows XP PRO. Its got 20GB hard drive, 256 RAM, 2 USB Ports, Modem, CD-RW, NIC 10/100 (you can add USB WI-FI which costs about $15-$20 online) Dimensions: 1 in. D x 13 in. W x 10 in. H, small and very light. Battery is not...
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    I'm posting this for a friend here's the link to the ad on Kijiji All the info is in there you can contact the person at [email protected] using subject Dell Axiom
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    MODS Please feel free to move if this is the wrong forum I bought this for my wife last year,honestly we used it maybe 5 times, played solitare on it, but that was it. The total for this order and everything with it was over $600.00, bought last september, I forgot we even had it with all the...
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    Sorry this is so long, lets sell it and delete the post! Hey Everyone- I am selling a Dell Inspiron 5100 Laptop that I bought from my roommate a few months ago. I thought I would use it, but havent used it much at all. When I bought it he said something was wrong, and it wasnt working right...
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    I would love to get a set of 18' BBS rims and tires to boot. Willing to trade a nice Dell Latitude laptop loaded with XP Pro etc and you can have my 16' OEM rims and tires from a 2000 passat glx 4mo. Mich mx4 with 90% tread left. I can also throw in a little cash too. Let me know~~~!!
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    Dell inspiron laptop... 500mhz processor, cd-rom, floppy, usb, network/modem Make me an offer
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    OK, i have a used laptop that i got from my brother brand new not too long ago, never really used it (have like 4 computers at home). I dont really know much about computer but its pretty fast, never lags or anything. Screen is pretty big, like 15" i think. Just ask me any question if u want. It...
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    Mint condition laptop approximately a year old. I have all original cds as well as packaging. Super lightweight, widescreen lcd (no dead pixels) perfect combo of functionality and portability. Base configuration + 512mb upgrade + intel pro wireless b/g. Will also include this laptop sleeve I...
  10. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I know the more approrpiate place for this post is in mobile electronics, but I've been lurking on this board since the day I bought my 2004.5 1.8 manual 4motion variant 3 months ago. Just an incredible amount of knowledge here that not only has helped me understand my car better, but has, of...
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    Selling a Dell DJ 15 MP3. This is the 15 gig version of the popular Dell MP3 player. Works like a charm and only selling because I am getting the 20 gig version. With 15 gigs of space you can store somewhere in the area of 7000 songs. This a great alternative over getting an Ipod. Unit is as...
  12. Mobile Electronics
    does anybody have a setup like this? looking to do a gps with my dell axim x30. thanks for the replies