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  1. B5 Garage
    having just read that the maximum duty cycle of the injectors in an AEB setup is too small for real turbo performance makes me want to ask a few questions: has anyone swapped in a transversely mounted 1.8t from one of the newer passats/audis? is it even possible? i gather the b5.5 chassis is...
  2. B5 Garage
    I've just completed a two day slog (okay, I know, slow, right?) through a valve cover gasket / cam seal / timing belt job on my 2001.5 V6. My wrap-up steps were to replace the breather hoses / suction pump / PCV valve / etc. The whole Blauparts kit. I got that bugger of a hose off from under the...
  3. Anything Auto
1-3 of 3 Results