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  1. New Member Introductions
    just install an android radio deck and added a 500g hard drive. next winter tires and a new hood as mine starting oo rust by the lock mechanism.
  2. Mobile Electronics
    It is a 2002 passat with a monsoon I completely bypassed the monsoon system to install a aftermarket head unit and a 5 ch amp a few years ago. I taped into the Fuse block for constant and switched power for my deck . In the past year I started getting alternator noise in my components. I...
  3. Volkswagen Passat B7 Discussion
    Does anyone have this issue on there passat? I have a brand new 2014 tsi with 2000k miles on it and have developed a deck rattle. I noticed it vibrating against the window. When I press down on the deck and my wide drives the car it does not vibrate. Any ideas on on fix for this? I went to the...
  4. Mobile Electronics
    I know that I am so late in this. My 2001 B5 is 13 year / 145K old and I still have the original monsoon single DIN with tape & in-truck CD changer. I soon need to tear into dash for the dread heater core leak so I am thinking maybe it is time to get a new deck OR some sort of bluetooth/phone...
  5. Mobile Electronics
    I've got an '03 Passat and decided that I was either going to buy a new car for some bells and whistles or upgrade the deck in the current car. Clearly upgrading the deck and speaker system is the cheaper way to go. :) However, I've heard conflicting reports so I thought I would ask....would...
  6. Mobile Electronics
    When I took out the stock vw monsson tape deck with trunk cd changer, I saw a label on the radio that indicated slots for an AMP and external display. I am curious about the display. How would it work? Is this for video playback? Does the cd changer take dvds as well? Anyone try this? This...
  7. Mobile Electronics
    I just did all the wiring for a new double din deck for my passat. Turned my key and all that showed up was a blank white screen. Seems as though only the backlights were on. Is there possibly something im doing wrong or do i have to do a lockout somehow kinda like the stock radio? Any help is...
  8. Parts For Sale
    I traded in my 2001.5 Passat and didn't swap the stereo back out (I had upgraded it at one point)... So... This is the Premium V Cassette/AM/FM Head Unit with Changer Controls and the trunk mounted 6 disc changer. $50 shipped, Paypal only
  9. Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Does anyone know how to remove the rear deck on a 2006 Passat? I would like to remove it so that I am able to put an amp rack underneath it in the trunk, but I do not want to just start yanking at it and have the side curtain aribags blow in my face.
  10. Mobile Electronics
    Until I get my HU installed (waiting on insurance to pay for my sub), I got a cassette adapter to play my Zune. Well it will randomly switch decks from A back to B, and sometimes go A B A B then start playing again. It's weird, it will play a whole song then switch during the next, and other...
  11. Mobile Electronics
    I installed an aftermarket deck into my 1999 passat last night only to find my battery dead this morning. I did not use a wiring harness because I have the wiring diagrams for the stereo. When I first installed the deck it would not turn off when the car was shut off. I did some research and...
  12. WTB/WTT Section
    as the title says. for a 05 b5.5 perfer black, but will take any color.
  13. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    i heard it cant be done
  14. WTB/WTT Section
    Some Jackass backed into my Passat today, of course he had no insurance. Any help or ideas with part locations would be great. I live in Lexington, Ky. Tnx
  15. Mobile Electronics
    Hey all, I just installed an alpine HU into my 03 Passat, the install went awesome except for the fact I get no sound out of the speakers, my original thought was due to the amp for the monsoon stereo, but there is no amp in the trunk, i am stumped i do not know what i did wrong or what i am...
  16. Mobile Electronics
    is there any way to add a amp to a stock deck to run a sub in the trunk? I have a 2003 passat and I dont want to remove the stock deck. I dont know what a monsoon amp is so I dont think I have one.
1-17 of 116 Results