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  1. New Member Introductions
    Found this site after looking for help on the many faults on our bargain 1.8 Green Passat I'm looking forward to getting my hands dirty and have already found the unusual place for the fuses and the engine being the "wrong" way round for a FWD!! Our car runs rough as erm... sandpaper mostly from...
  2. New Member Introductions
    im a noob so give me a break with my noob posts. :P
  3. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    First off, this is for a 2003 Passat GLS auto 1.8T. I've recently had a CEL code for a coolant malfunction and replaced the coolant temp sensor. Everything was kosher for about a week, then I was thrown the same CEL code again? Funny thing is the car runs fine and the temp sits normally at...
  4. USA - South
    Here's my ride... 2003 Silverstone :b55: 1.8T tip Gray cloth interior I've only done a couple of mods so far: - K&N air filter - 1.8T badge w/ red "T" (I might be removing this soon, along with "PASSAT") Newest mods just purchased: - Koni Sport Kit - 17" Capezio wheels - Bridgestone...
  5. Canada
    It’s a 2005, 1.8t, 5speed, 4motion So far I’ve only done aesthetic mods, so a chip is definitely next up on the check list. Hope you like!
  6. USA - South
    Just bought a 2002 Passat, 1.8T with manual gearbox. Gotta say, love the car!!!! Now I am just cleaning her up. Anyone know how to take apart the headlight on a B5.5 (HID's). The inside of the plastic cover needs polishing, so I wanted to get to it. Thanks again, David
  7. Dealerships and Service
    Has anyone had any positive/negative experiences with getting their car serviced here?
  8. USA - East
    2000 GLX v6 4motion - Sold in Sept 2007 Here's my new B5.5. Hanging with my Hommies!! Ok...W8 is now sold and here's the NEW:: I'll post better pix some stuff to do to her first...tint and now that I have 2wd, lower's cheaper then the 4mo options for...
  9. Classified Archive
    David, I have tried repeatedly (as have the mods from this site) to get in touch with you concerning the refund for the spacers I bought from you that Fedex lost with no response. I know that Fedex did indeed pay you back (for the purchase price of the spacers, not the $90 I paid -...
  10. USA - West
    2000 GLX - Black on Tan Sport Springs 17' OZ Racing Shaved Trunk Will have pic soon.
  11. USA - West
    Hello Everyone We are new owners of a 2004.5 Passat GLS 1.8T w/ 4motion and we love this car!! It is amazing. Only had 28 miles on it when we drove off the lot and now have around 450 miles on it. We love it!!!
  12. USA - East
    Cut to the chase. Back in 2001 I started with: '99 Silver Passat Sedan 1.8t engine Tiptronic If you see me around the forums, it usually means something in my car broke recently. My strategy for upgrades has generally been: if it ain't broke, don't fix it, but if it is broke, upgrade it...
  13. USA - South
    Ok all here is my ride. Will have to put up some daylight pics but this is a start. Drop was done by Paul (PZ) in Grapevine. Awesome work drives like a champ. Mods so far: 18 x 8 BBS VZ 225/40R18 Kuhmo...nice ride and as quiet as stock! Eibach ProKit Springs APR Chip w/stock and 93 octane...
  14. USA - South
    Hey Guys...I love my passat...I just had some major work done to her. I plan on posting some pictures after this weekend...
  15. USA - South
    Here are some old pics...10/2008 Mod list: Engine: K&N Filter Hyperboost Diverter Valve MagnaFlow 3" Exhaust w/ Magnaflow Resonator Suspension: Bilstein Sport Shocks w/ Adj. Perch. Replaced. Neuspeed Race Springs Front replaced NeuspeedSport Springs Rear replaced Wheels...
  16. Canada
    My 2002 V6 4-Motion Variant... :D Mod List: 1) Mobile Coat Hanger (2002-09) pic 2) Window Tint (2002-09) PerformX Slate 35% Front, PerformX Slate 20% Rear by Tint King, 1541 The Queensway, Toronto. 3) Monster Mats (2004-04) (replaced under warranty 2005-01) mat pic 4) Euro Switch [relay 173...
  17. Anything Auto
    He's selling his car after they changed the rules for the factory teams which are leaving some private teams in the dust! Yes I know its an ebay link...
  18. Europe
    Hello to everybody. I'm from Spain, I have a 2002 passat TDI Highline (B5.5) 130 CV, and I want a lot of information about this model of passat (engine, maintenance, especifications, etc..). Thank you, and I hope see you later.
  19. Europe
    hejsan! har en passat-00 dietrich front.. sänkt 50/40 ska sätta på rs4 19" har ni några tips? mbh/David :bow: