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    As of this Wednesday my '00 B5 Sedan will be gone! I've stripped all non-stock items off the car (will be posting those FS in the next few day) except for this trailer hitch. Initially I thought it would be more trouble than it's worth to remove it but I thought I would put it out there to see...
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    FMIC complete kit with 42DD weld in bung for map sensor $685 Dalan Class 1 hitch(variant only) $55 NA reflex silver rub strips , no scrtaches $25 for all four 2 grey sunglass holders $12 a piece Gorilla Mat for variant w/blocks $65 Items DO NOT include shipping Michael
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    This is a brand new hitch, never installed. I bought it and never used it. I paid close to $200, of which I can dig out the original invoice if necessary. Read about this hitch in other posts, it is the most popular and most sturdy hitch of US spec. DRAWBAR INCLUDED Fits 98-05 FWD Sedan or...
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    I got the bumper off pretty easy and everything, was about to start making swiss cheeze of my car when my garage buddy started talking about how i should somehow caulk to keep the car from rusting after I drill (10 places). Then I just kept thinking about big sections of rust 3 years or whoever...
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    I purchased it used several years ago. It is in good condition. I have already purchased new mounting bolts for it, but never got around to putting it on or needing it. It is taking up space. Looking for $80 plus shipping (Fedex ground). Photos available by request to [email protected]
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    OK, I have been trying to settle on a class 1 hitch option and I have searched these forums, google, and various sites listed below. I am looking to tow a 4' x 8' tilt bed utility trailer with a sport bike and or some dirt bikes, occasional couch, etc. I have read the other posts concerning this...
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    I have a TDI Jetta Wagon now, so I don't need my B5.5 Passat Sedan non-4 motion hitch with drawbar and mounting bolts. The hitch is made by Da'Lan. The part number is 247348. has it for $217 shipped. First $100 gets it - US shipping included. I also have the 1998 - 2002...
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    Had a DaLan hitch installed last Monday. It rained like crazy Sunday and Monday, and it's already rusting. This is my first hitch, and I've seen a lot of rusty hitches on other cars, but I never imagined it would happen this quickly. Is this normal? Can I do anything to remove the current...
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    Just curious. I would like to see how this changes the appearance of the rear end of the car, and if it would interfere with aftermarket exhaust at a future date. I'm getting tired of having to borrow friend's trucks for moving large items. -Mark
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    Thread I found over at Vortex: Any thoughts? Tony
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    Skill Level: Average<p><FONT COLOR="blue">Tools Required: Electric Drill, Phillips Screwdriver (big), Flat blade Screwdriver, 3/8 bit (and smaller), center punch, felt-tip marker, 9/16 wrench and socket.</FONT><p><FONT COLOR="red">Disclaimer: As with all things mechanical, do this at your own...