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  1. project 04.5 1.8t 5-speed 4-motion daily

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    found this rare gem 15 minutes from my house on Craigslist. after a quick spin and some negotiation it was on the trailer and heading home. it was finally time to dig in and get this thing suited for daily duties. wanted to give it lots of love so i wont have to touch it maintenance wise for a...
  2. Front brake pads, so many choices for daily driver....what's good enough?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I know this is so lame, why doesn't he just use PBR / EBC / Akebono and call it a day? 2004 GLS FWD automatic I don't drive the car much myself, my 18 year old son does and his priority is the sound system. I replaced the original Akebono pads about 2 years ago and put in TRW and now the TRW...
  3. Best Clutch Options for 1.8T Daily Driver

    B5 Garage
    My original clutch is at 216,000 and I'm getting tired of nursing it. This is a daily driver so I'm not looking for anything special.Here are the options: Luk DMF kit Valeo SMF kit Sachs SMF kit Any reason to prefer or avoid any of these? 
  4. New Member from Albera, B3 Syncro wagon 1.8T owner

    New Member Introductions
    Just dropping in to say hello. I picked up a new daily driver since I live in Alberta, Canada, it had to be AWD. So if found a lovely 91 passat wagon in tornado red, that has a bunch of great stuff done to it. It was originally a FWD 16v car. But the previous owner to the person i purchased it...
  5. Is 19" too big for daily driving?

    New Member Introductions
    Car is a Passat B5. Wheel in question
  6. 300k 2002 daily driver

    The Showroom
    sorry for re-posting. shoulda put it in Showroom. ( winter mode now, of course), and with tape over the CEL (for a leak in the SAI pipe-who cares). Thanks to many PW for much info on maintenance, mods, problem fix's, etc. over the years ! 300+ k and going strong. Y'all know it's a...
  7. 300k today, daily driver 2002 b5.5 1.8t tip

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    ( winter mode now, of course), and with tape over the CEL (for a leak in the SAI pipe-who cares). Thanks to many PW for much info on maintenance, mods, problem fix's, etc. over the years ! 300+ k and going strong. Y'all know it's a love/hate relationship and I'm not ready to give her...
  8. My Daily

    The Showroom
    Good evening PW. I'm going to start documenting my daily. It's going to go threw multiple suspension improvements and cosmetic to suit my comfort and ride feel for me with my personal styling. Back History: I'm a car whore, I've owned approximately 70 cars in my life time, ranging from...
  9. FS: 1998 Wagon 1.8T AEB 5 spd 216K $1200 -- Daily Driver, not quite perfect

    Vehicles For Sale
    1998 VW Passat Wagon 1.8T AEB Engine 5-spd Manual Transmission appx. 216,000 miles Daily Driver $1200 obo Located in New England, USA – Southern VT/NH, Eastern MA, or nearby Any suggestions or comments to help me move this on (ranging from "part it out" to "we want it for the museum") will...
  10. New Daily

    Anything Auto
    Alright alright. So i finally gave in. i changed jobs so i don't have a company truck anymore and the ss was killing me on gas. And i was getting the itch to fit back in with all my friends since i moved back home. So here it is. 2008 VW R32. 40k miles on it. Before we get into it cuz i know...
  11. :: ECS Tuning :: 8th Annual Customer Appreciation Giveaway - 3 Spins Daily !!!

    Vendor Marketplace
    ECS Tuning 8th Annual Customer Appreciation Holiday Giveaway Daily Winners plus Grand Prizes! Each holiday season for the past eight years, ECS Tuning has thanked its customers with a giveaway of automotive products and prizes. This year, ECS has launched a special customer appreciation event...
  12. Bksupermans NEW Daily Driver........ v6 4mo

    Volkswagen Passat CC Discussion
    My New Daily Driver 2013 CC V6 4mo Executive..... The Ole wagon..... she will be missed:::
  13. Bagged & Blown Daily (Movie Content)

    The Showroom
    Its been awhile.. Heres a video I made to show how I roll through Texas in the Passat. Like,share,comment....KTHANXBYE :mad: ;) :D
  14. My 1998 Colorado Red Varient Daily Driver Rebuild

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    My Craigslist score: Crappy CL pics: I'm not the most active on these forums because my B5 is a reliable daily driver that hasn't been much of a passion for me. I haven't chipped it for fear of the automatic transmission failing. Well now I will be stepping it up a little. If you have seen...
  15. How low can you go for a daily driver?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I'm thinking about making a front bumper valance for my b5.5. Right now I'm at 5 1/2" front the bottom middle of my front bumper to the ground. The new valance would put me at probably 4.5". Would I hit it a lot as a daily driver? My wife drives the car a lot as is and does fine...for the...
  16. My Daily (Bösewicht)

    Anything Auto
    Bought her when I was in Iraq back in July as a birthday present ;). Took a big risk..I did not drive the car in person til the day I picked her up a month ago. Too many mods to list! The only upgrades I've done was a new radio, badgeless grille, smoked aero e-codes and S2000 antenna. Enough...
  17. Project daily driver finally done

    Anything Auto
    It took a while but I finally got my new motor in my car and had the engine bay shaved, with tons of other goodies :) It's actually been running for a few months but I am finally getting around to posting all of this up. It all started here-...
  18. Starting a new daily driver project.

    New Member Introductions
    I just picked up a 99 1.8T Passat to replace my 96 4th gen Maxima. I've had my Maxima for 12years and reaching the point of spending more than it's worth or move on. This is my second B5 I had a 02 V6 GLX, but it was the wifes car and was replaced after a few years. The plans for this one are...
  19. W14RRN's B5.5 Daily Wagon

    The Showroom
    I recently sold my Fabia VRS and have been on the lookout for a replacement ever since. The Fabia… I fancied an estate so got looking and came accross this Passat wagon. Picked it up last weekend, gave the interior a quick vac and wipe down and took some photos! - - - First addition...
  20. '96 old Daily....

    Anything Auto
    Ok, I got a new car and need to sell this one. Its a 96, jetta trek edition with a '98 cabrio 2.0. has white gauges, smoked tails, black cloth interior, which is in mint condition. Its a 5 spd, reverse makes the noise but works fine. Sunroof works, no issues, mounted a roof mount antenna...