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  1. Mobile Electronics
    i've been tired of doing the flip switch and everything with my CVA-1005 and it hasn't seem to be working all the time for some reason. So i'm at the point of looking at getting the PAC TR-7. Has anyone tried and or use this? Thanks! -C
  2. Mobile Electronics
    I was wondering is there a way to change the "green" lighting to RED? I know my old alpine cd player could change from green and red illumination to the buttons. Is there a way to do that with the CVA-1005? I don't remember how it was done on my old cd player so i can't try it on this one...
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    fs: alpine cva1005, dvdmp3 player, rockford+phoenix gold+kenwood amp, hids &more hey guys forgot to mention i have a bunch of audio for sale and a friend of mine (vw owner) has a bunch of stuff also... My stuff: Alpine cva-1005 tv headunit $800 (retails for 1300) Farenheit DVD/MP3 player...