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  1. bottomed out, crushed flex pipe, P0441, gas smell inside car. wtf

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    about a week ago I bottomed out on a washed out dirt road. as soon as it happened my check engine light came on. P0441. I crushed the driver's side flex pipe when it happened. I attempted to use an exhaust tape type stuff on it. It seemed to work at first but it's leaking again. will...
  2. Pics of my crushed velvet headliner, and dixie horn :)

    The Showroom
    i got bored with the regular grey, so i went a little crazy with the black crushed velvet, overall i think it came out great! I dont think i would ever do another one though lol. Also a video of my dixie horn, compressor is mounted behind the front grille with the 5 horns mounted in front of the...
  3. WRX Crushed between two semi trucks with news coverage - vid

    Anything Auto
    Has this been covered yet? Take a look at these two vids. Amazing he came out ok. (first vid is the longer better one) <--- vids There original post on NASIOC