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  1. I have been crowned

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    Well, I got a 'good deal' for a set of rims and tires, but after I put them on, there was vibrations, weird pulling issues (the car would jolt side to side regardless of the crown of the road), there is a wobble noise, and the tires are pretty loud. Tires are Falken Ziex 235/45 ZR17 with...
  2. Wisky Tango Foxtrot: 2006 Caparo T1: Has a new king been crowned?

    Anything Auto
    The T1's ex-McLaren designers, Ben Scott-Geddes and Graham Halstead, will join Caparo CEO Angad Paul for the unveiling. 1000 bhp-per-Tone Power-to-Weight Ratio The ultra lightweight T1, which weighs less than 1100 lbs, is a British designed 2-seater which has been developed using...