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  1. Legal advice - License Plate Covers

    Anything Auto
    I have light-blue tinted plastic license plate covers on my car. I like the way they look on the blue car and with my NJ 'eagle' plates. My wife was pulled over in town today and issued a summons for them. Cop said they were illegal. $45 fine. I think it was a case of late-month quota...
  2. Painting plastic engine covers???????

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I am thinking about making the apperance under the hood I bit more attractive to the eye. I am not sure on the best paint to use in this situation nor the best proceedure. Will the engine heat play a major factor? Anyone who has done this could you please post pics or give me some pointers on...
  3. WTB: plastic wheel covers for 1998 VW

    Classified Archive
    Wanted plastic wheel covers for 1998 VW WTB plastic wheel covers for my winter tires. Must be undamaged. 15"
  4. FS: Steelies and Wheel Covers (One More Try - Cheap!) - SOLD

    Classified Archive
    One more try....Steelies and wheelcovers for sale - CHEAP One last try....Stock steel rims with mounted tires (bald) and wheelcovers from my former '98 GLS. Stock 15" 5X112 pattern. Rims have about 45K on them. One wheelcover has a chip. The car is gone, these must go!! I can e-mail pictures if...
  5. FS: Steel rims and stock wheel covers (Cheap!)

    Classified Archive
    FOR SALE CHEAP - Steel rims and stock wheel covers MUST SELL....rims and wheel covers from my 98 GLS. 15" 5X112 bolt pattern. They were taken off the car at around 45000 miles. Would prefer local - if I don't sell them they go to the dump. Get 'em now for your winter tires!! I'm in Morris...
  6. Weird wheel covers on a Honda

    Anything Auto
    A co-worker (fellow Passat owner) told me he was out and about when he spotted a Honda that was heavily modded. Not really that unusual but then he said the one thing he couldn't get over were the wheels. He said that they were big with low profile tires, chromed, and had some kind of hubcap on...
  7. How difficult to remove bumper covers?...

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Some fartknocker at the movie theater parking lot nailed the rear bumper on the side. No metal, only plastic was contacted (whew!). If there can be a bright side to this, it has been to give me the incentive to have both the front bumper cover (fascia) and rear re-painted (there are some...
  8. FS: Isotta wheel cover and Wet Okole seat covers (warning-

    Classified Archive
    FS: Isotta wheel cover and Wet Okole seat covers (warning- lots a pics) I just upgraded to Katzkin leather with the Suede inserts so I'm selling the seat and steering wheel covers: Here's the airbag cutout Here's a cover I made for the cutout (I put it on only when at shows/meets)
  9. Part numbers for NB Euro Wheel Covers??

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    I want to switch out the rear badge of my car. Any ideas on the part numbers? thanks
  10. [GB] wide-mirrors/ chrome covers - news thread

    Group Buys
    Son of a... they're here. They're finally friggin' here! I will make myself post again once they're wrapped and ready to go in the morning mail . . . Okay, they're all wrapped and sitting by the door to begin their journey to each of you. Check the last of the shots in my VW mirrors WebShots...