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  1. *RARE* B5 clear headlight covers

    Parts For Sale
    Ok, so I bought these last year with the intention of adding some unicorn B5 flare, but they won’t work in conjunction with my head light eyebrows. I cleaned up and polished the lenses best I could, but there are still flaws in the lens from use from their intended purpose. I also removed and...
  2. FS: B5.5 15" steel wheels w/ covers

    Parts For Sale
    Selling original B5.5 (2001.5) 15" steel wheels with VW OEM covers. Not the original covers from 2001, but later Beetle covers. Excellent condition, no bends or scratches. $100 Prefer local pickup and will consider meeting you (within 20 miles of Warren County NJ) Pictures will follow.
  3. 2.8 - valve covers leaking, just replaced gaskets a few months ago

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I have a 2005 Passat with the 2.8 V6, only has about 80,000 miles on it. At about 75,000 miles, I did a timing belt job on it using a kit from Blauparts. This included valve cover gaskets, timing chain tensioner gaskets, etc. I followed the instructions precisely and only used RTV in the...
  4. Suddenly realized 3 of 4 emblems on my VW lug bolt covers are missing ....

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Has to be the heat, right? Who would steal 3? Also, the covers would be far easier to take (and get the emblems along with them). Hard to imagine I didn't notice them until now; if it's the heat, they were probably falling off one at a time. Really weird I didn't notice one or two along the...
  5. Votex Reproduction side skirt jack covers

    New Member Introductions
    Hey all I was curious if there are vortex reproduction Jack covers for the side skirts available anywhere
  6. Replacing cloth seat covers with leatherette ones from same year & model?

    Volkswagen Passat B7 Discussion
    Hi, I need some guidance. I have a 2013 VW Passat S and I have found seats from a salvage yard from a 2012 Passat that has leatherette seats. BTW, they are very cheap and look great. I was thinking about buying them and having a shop take my cloth covers off and putting on the leatherette...
  7. Fs: powder coated 1.8t valve covers

    Parts For Sale
    Updated prices $150 shipped each +paypal fees
  8. Cruise Control Stopped Working (and, how do you remove seat covers?)

    B5 Garage
    Two problems... decided to start one thread for both. First up... my cruise control has stopped working. I haven't done any diagnosis yet. Is there a fuse I could look for? If not, what's the next step? Next... what's the best way to remove the front seat covers? I have a heated seat kit...
  9. FREE: Set of front seat foams and covers- black cloth

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  10. New seat covers or seats from salvage?

    Volkswagen Passat B7 Discussion
    Hi....I just bought a Certified 2013 VW Passat and it has manual cloth seats. I'd prefer leather. I've seen some quality seat covers and katzkin but I'm wondering if it's worth me trying to find the seats at a salvage. I can get the seat covers from for $750...
  11. FS: OEM B5.5 votex side skirts with jack covers!

    Parts For Sale
    So I haven't been around in a while since selling the car but I need to get the left over parts out of my house, starting with the OEM votex side skirts with the original jack covers. I am the original owner, picked them up from the dealership a few years back. I will post more detailed...
  12. Red Brake Caliper Covers
    When you install aftermarket wheels with thin spokes brake calipers are often being exposed. Brakes get dirty and sometimes don't really look very nice. However you can dress up the calipers with special covers created by MGP. They are inspired by large sport brakes like Brembo and...
  13. Wtb valve covers

    WTB/WTT Section
    Looking to buy 1.8 passat valve covers in good condition. Please pm me or shoot me a text. Chris 920 397 0920
  14. Covers for cars, bikes, ATVs and many more at CARiD
    We are glad to introduce you our new section that includes covers for...everything! Protecting your vehicle, equipment, and other belongings becomes easier with our huge collection of protective custom made covers. We really understand how disappointing the spills, scratches and other damages...
  15. Forum special 10% coupon code for CalTrend seat covers | CARiD
    Hi everyone! We would like to thank all forum members who follows our topics, leaves comments and shares their opinion - it's really vital for us. Today we would like to announce an exclusive 10% discount coupon code on this product for all PassatWorld forum members! This discount coupon is...
  16. FS: Custom CNC-machined pedal covers for 30V V6 6MT $200 shipped to US48

    Parts For Sale
    One of a kind production prototypes, lightly used in very good to excellent condition with all original stainless mounting hardware and nylon locknuts (I mounted using double-sided trim tape). Grippy and gorgeous. Included are dead pedal, clutch, brake and accelerator covers. CNC-machined...
  17. Passat B5 B5.5 Spark Plug Wire Corrugated Loom Covers, high temp, black nylon

    Parts For Sale
    Set of spark plug wire corrugated loom covers for V6 ATQ to fit OE plug wires as a replacement for the original factory covers. Covers are split loom made of high temp. 257º black corrugated nylon. Nominal .25" ID is an exact fit. Cut to length and labeled for each plug wire. One extra...
  18. Custom seat covers for VW Passat

    Vendor Marketplace
    We are glad to introduce custom Coverking® seat covers for Volkswagen Passat models at CARiD. Unlike other universal seat covers, these are tailored for your particular model and will fit like a glove. These covers will be a good solution if your seats start to wear out, you search for some...
  19. WTB: spark plug covers

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Not exactly sure what this cover is called but I circled it in red ( see pic ) Any one know of the name? :banghead: Where to buy ?
  20. FREE: B6 Parts: Headlight Switch, Rearview Mirror, Front Side Grille Covers

    Parts For Sale
    I have some leftover parts from my B6 that I want to get rid of. Everything works and is on good condition. They are not high demand parts, so I will just give them away if you pay shipping. - OEM Headlight Switch (non-auto) - Rearview Mirror (Grey) - Front Side Grille Covers for cars without...