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  1. Canada
    '01 Passat Wagon 1.8T with the basics...:driving:
  2. Canada
    Howiemandel - Coquitlam, BC**UPDATED** Just got my b5.5 last week. Someone tried to jack it. Punched the ignition but luckily the immobilzer stopped it. Now my car is at the dealership getting fixed. Post pics glad to join some fellow CDNS GO CANUCKS GO.
  3. Canada
    Hey everyone! Especially those in BC. Been a member for a while but thought I'd post a bit about myself in the Canada forum. Glad to see a few ohter Coquitlamites here. Maybe we should get together at some point and see about our interests. I'll PM most of you and see about getting together...
  4. Canada
    Presenting Stargazer! Stats 1999 Passat 30V V6 GLX Passat photos were taken during our last cruise to Winthrop, Washington! For information regarding the Passat, please link to this page for all mods and detailed installation photos and instructions: And here are...
  5. Canada
    Dixie is moving long and thanks for all the fish! 1999 Passat GLX - Satin Silver (Build date 3/99) Two of my favorite things: A few minor mods... Most recent additions: Dixie air horns, H&R Sports / Neuspeed Bilstein, Kamei Grille
1-5 of 5 Results