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  1. Anything Auto
    not that i condone this kind of thing, but damn he was out quick and gone
  2. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I've been in only one accident and the other persons insurance company made the whole process pretty easy, but this doesn't seem to be the case this time. My wife was driving on the populated section of GA92 a couple days ago and there was an accident in the right turn lane on the other side...
  3. Anything Auto
    LMFAO! Guess she was not well liked by her peers.... and with a cruiser out of commission for a week, has made some enemies in management too. :lol:
  4. Anything Auto
    Ford GT running from cops... enough said
  5. Wheel and Tire Forum
    So im trying to get some rims for my car, and i've always wanted 19's, nothing more nothing less, i've seen these special ones that I thought were bitchin and they're 19X10 or 10.5 with 225/35-19, would that be to big? The bolt pattern is 5x112. I just wanna know if anythings gonna rub when I...
1-5 of 43 Results