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  1. Cooper CS3 Touring tires?

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    I'm in need of some new rubber and out of all the name brand tires I've looked at, the Cooper CS3 Touring tires are are the most attractive for price and tread life. Does anyone have any experience with them? I would be going with the factory 195/65R15 size. My days of spirited driving are...
  2. 2014 MINI Cooper S First Drive - Video

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  3. 2014 MINI Cooper S Revealed in Spy Photos

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  4. MINI Cooper Coupe Revealed

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  6. Cooper Tires.. Who's used them ?

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    I sold them years ago when I was managing a Goodyear store. The always seemed like a good tire. The Sentra has just clocked past 70,000 miles - got it with 42K. The Fuzion's were brand new when we got it. Though they look like they'd go another 20K+, the noise is getting unbearable. It sounds...
  7. Mini Cooper - How Can I Pump her Up?

    Anything Auto
    I just picked up a 2003 Mini Cooper 5 speed with my girlfriend. For various reasons, we decided on the stock Cooper model instead of the S (can you guess which one I wanted?). I did manage to get one with the sport suspension and 16" wheels, and I have to admit that the cornering difference...
  8. FS (ready to SELL): 19'' TSW Kyalami w/ Cooper Zeon 2XS Tires.

    Classified Archive
    Ive had these for about a year now and i like the way they look, but i just feel like its time for something different. Basically my goal is to become a wheel whore and a year is far to long to be rocking the same set :P :lol: Here is all the info: Wheels: TSW Kyalami Size: 19x8 Offset: 40 (i...
  9. Some Nokian tires made by Cooper?

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    My parents came to visit the other weekend. When we stepped outside to go to the store (getting into my parent's Blazer) my dad commented about his new tires. I stepped back and saw he had Nokian Vatiivas (SUV all-season tires)! This is the cheapest man alive so my comment was, "H*** S***...
  10. First Look: Signature "Fireballed!™ Limited Edition" Mini Cooper

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  11. So my mom likes the Mini Cooper

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    Do we like these on here? Any opinions? She's looking for a new car. She needs a new car badly; she will drive a car for 10-15 years to be honest. Fuel economy is important (she commutes through Austin's winding hill country), but she is at a point now she wants to have a little fun after...
  12. FS: 4 used Cooper Zeon ZPT 225/45R17

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    SOLD: 4 used Cooper Zeon ZPT 225/45R17 $40 North side of Columbus, OH Would prefer a local pickup, but if you really want them after reading the "bad" below, then you pay actual shipping charges plus $5 for my having to lug these to a shipper. Four (4) USED Cooper Zeon ZPT tires. M+S rated...
  13. Cooper tires? WTF?

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    hey all. I landed a set of rs6 rims with new tires, but the tires are cooper zeon 2xs. I cant find a review for these tires and all the old reviews from 01 and back do not show cooper tires as reliable. The Zeon tires are a new flag ship design for cooper and I was wondering if anyone knows...
  14. vs mini cooper S 168 hp.

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    My co-worker owns a 05 mini cooper S with the manual tranny(6 speed) and wants to see if his new toy is faster than my "slow"(he called my car slow) 04 1.8 tiptronic sedan, apr 93, milltek catback, tt downpipe, neuspeed turbo inlet, ecs n75 race. Curb Weight - Manual (lb.) 2678 for the mini...
  15. Whats your take on the Mini Cooper?

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    The lease on my Passat will be up April '06. I have decided I want to switch to a Golf GTI. However they are not available until fall next year in Canada. I was going to assume the lease on my buddy's MINI Cooper S while I wait for the Golf. I havent test drove it, I know its a much much...
  16. WOW...........Alpine Mini Cooper S..

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    like the topic says its a mini cooper S... but this thing is INSANE LOOKING... -Mark-
  17. Justin Cooper - Elk Grove CA added bad pics

    USA - West
    OK, i updated these pics but they really bad because I took them with my phone. I guess 1 megapixel is not quit enough anymore!! Justin Cooper - Elk Grove California Bought a Silverstone(Grey) W8, Sport Suspension but stock everywhere else Looking for mods but slim pickins' for the W8!!!!!
  18. Overall opinons................Mini Cooper

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    OK guys, lemme hear it........what you think about the Mini Cooper. I know I was talking about getting a Toyota Tacoma a few weeks ago, but that idea fell through. Now I am thinking about opposite spectrum.......Mini Cooper