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  1. Turbotax cheat gets grilled by congress

    The Black Hole which includes DEMOCRATS!!! Hannity's America: 1/28
  2. If you had to be any current person in congress, who would you be?

    The Black Hole
    This guy is so close to me in his style and utter lack of tact that it's frightening, bad hair and all. He's a kook, but he's my kook.. May he raise plenty more hell before he ultimately flames out. Which CURRENT congressman or senator are you?
  3. term limits for members of Congress?

    The Black Hole
    from here (the Op-Ed section of the New London Day, Sunday, 9 August, 2009): first off, I personally know the author - he hired me when I got out of the Navy for a defense contracting firm I used to work for. I have a lot of respect for the him. I agree with each and every item he discusses...
  4. In a Democrat(ic) Congress.....

    The Black Hole
    this is how you settle the debate on climate change.
  5. Congress Gets A Raise

    The Black Hole
    Do you believe the balls on these bastards? Pay for performance, I say. And they haven't performed at all.
  6. Congress Ends 9/11 Workers' Health Care Bill

    The Black Hole :hmmm: :puke: Best Car Insurance | Auto Protection Today | FREE Trade-In Quote
  7. When did Kanye West get elected to Congress?

    The Black Hole, Alcee Hastings This was at a rally for Obama. Will he dismiss this fool?
  8. Congress Approves Auto Fuel Economy Increase to 35mpg

    The Black Hole a bill filled with more freakin' pork than a Hormel plant! :mad: On the surface it sounds OK but this is the type of crap that continually pisses me off: Ethanol is one of the biggest scams being imposed on us and now Congress mandates it's...
  9. E-Bay , Congress and taxes they want to charge!

    The Black Hole
    Proposed Internet Taxes Prospective legislation for mandatory out-of-state sales taxes could impact your trading on eBay by requiring you to collect and remit sales tax on all items sold outside your home state. Last year, eBay sellers helped fight for "Net Neutrality," but the...
  10. I don't want the Dems to control Congress

    The Black Hole
    With all this talk about the Democrats winning seats to take control, I'm not sure I want that. It will give the GOP 2 years to continue to screw things up, and then blame it all on the Dems. So we'll get 8 more years of Shitty leadership in the White House come 2008. I say leave the GOP in...
  11. So this is what our Congress consists of....

    The Black Hole :icon_eek: I'm moving to Switzerland or some other neutral country. Have fun, boys and girls.
  12. $50 million in vacations collected by congress... business as usual!

    The Black Hole "While some excursions were legitimate fact-finding missions" this would be for example: the FACT is your giving me a vacation, so I FIND that...
  13. WTF is wrong with Congress?

    The Black Hole
    Seriously. They can call a hearing on any matter. Enron--no hearings. WorldCom--no hearings. Halliburton--no hearings. Abu Ghraib--no hearings. BASEBALL? Line 'em up.
  14. Bush Re-election Certified By Congress

    The Black Hole
    ...but not without a pitiful display by a few members of the Democratic party. Congress OKs Electoral Vote Over Dispute Keep in mind, by historical standards, this election was not very close - both from a national perspective and in the State of Ohio (a number of other states had narrower...