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  1. confessions of a lurker

    New Member Introductions
    Well, i have been lurking in the forums for a couple of years, found some great info and guess i should say hi. I live in southern calif and I have a 2002 passat 4 motion wagen, which i bought new. learned to replace the timing belt on these forums and wire up the trailer plug. thanks.
  2. Confessions from the new guy

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hey all, So I am the proud new owner of a 99 Burgundy Station Wagon, 1.8 with the Tiptronic. First VW I have ever owned. I pick the car up this afternoon, so no pics or fun experiences or anything like that yet. So far I think the car is great though. I have spent a couple of hours in it...
  3. Confessions of a Car Salesman - VERY VERY LONG!!!!

    Anything Auto
    I stumbled upon this article on the Mustang Forums.... Its a VERY long article; I haven't finished reading it yet myself. But its pretty interesting.... Its from For those of you that want to cut & paste it, I've...