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    The Dozens of Computers That Make Modern Cars Go (and Stop)
  2. Mobile Electronics
    Watch the video, its really amazing! I wish my B5 had this installed!
  3. B5 Garage
    dear community friends anyone can help me i need 2 parts for my car passat b5 new shape engine 1600 automatic the computer of comfort with plait of wires and connectors and the computer for the automatic transmition please reply here or to my mail [email protected] thanks & regards jackie
  4. Mobile Electronics
    FYI for anybody that wants one cheap. Click on the link for more info: Surplus Computers :thumbup:
  5. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Does anybody else find themselves sitting at their computer just refreshing their mailbox to see if they got any topic replies or new private messages? or am i the only sad dude w/ no night life? lol
  6. Mobile Electronics
    For those with Computers in there cars, how are you getting the audio from the computer to play through your car speakers and also exactly how are you powering the computer? I know you can use the cig lighter in the trunk (thats a easy one) but some are using the car bat. What kind of...