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    just like the title says. im askin 85 obo pictures up soon:)
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    PPI 356CS 6.5" components for $110 shipped, pretty sweet comps if you're on a budget. For under $150 I don't think you'll find much better. Rebadged a/d/s. I just picked up a set for fun mostly. Anyone have any first had experience with these? $110 after microsoft cash back...
  3. Mobile Electronics
    alright im looking for some comps to replace my stock speakers cause there kinda blown out execpt for 1 that i can't seem to get working, still fiddling with it tho. anyone know of any good comps for under 200 bucks?:confused:
  4. Classified Archive
    These are my beloved 18x8 SSR Comps, they're Anthricite in color and are a perfect match to the silverstone on our cars. Since we bought a new house tho, time to get rid of these until a few years go by and I can start a new project. Here's what you get: 4 SSR Comps 18x8 w/ metal valve...
  5. Classified Archive
    PICS!!! I NEED TO SELL I'm asking 15 bucks plus shipping for the radio.... I'm asking 25 bucks plus shipping for the comps/Speakers.... Radio(Cassette) and Speakers need to go... ASAP I'm not looking for much at all... just want to get rid of them and make a couple of bucks inorder to pay...
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    FS: 18" SSR Comps in Anthracite w/ Bridgestone PICS ADDED Putting these up as a feeler, wondering what interest would be. I'm buying a house so I'm looking to squeeze out every dollar I can out of stuff that I don't absolutely need 18" SSR Comps wrapped in Bridgestone Potenza S-03 Pole...
1-6 of 6 Results