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  1. What should I do with my money pit? Going to college in one month. Failed inspection

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I'm going to make the story short and sweet: -Buy 2001 B5 passat for 3600. The car was not inspected and could not pass my shop's inspection. Owner got it inspected somewhere else (my guess is lick and stick aka fraudulent tags) -Day 2 engine light goes on -Since then I have put an additional...
  2. 2nd list of to-do's for a college bound kid and his Passat. I need some sirius advice

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    This is a new thread that continues on from this thread Battery was replaced Front Tie Rods replaced 2 new front tires replaced "New" used Axel with CV boot Air...
  3. Should I get these things fixed? College Kid

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    My 2000 Passat with 288k miles on it is in the shop because the battery keeps dying. I just called and got an informal list of problems: Battery barely passes load test Secondary Air Injection Pump Failure Front-left tie rod has play in it Front right CV boot is torn Front tires are worn down...
  4. College Park Tuning Meet

    Events & Gatherings
    Anyone heading to College Park Tuning Meet. It's this Sunday the 21st in Bowie Maryland. I plan on running on the Dyno too.
  5. Broke college kid, cheap, decent mods?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hey everyone, like the title says, im just a broke college kid who loves working on my b5. Working on converting interior from gray to black. But I like having multiple projects going on at once, so any ideas? I have projector headlights, (sadly i bought them when i first got the car, so they...
  6. College Student Looking to Buy

    New Member Introductions
    I'm from Chicago and will be going to LSU next this fall and in the market for a VW car, either Jetta or Passat. I will posting another thread in the b6 section because i have a question pertaining to a Passat that's for sale. I personally think it's over priced but i will give you all the...
  7. Philanthropy Car Show in Southern New Hampshire April 22nd

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    Hi All, My Fraternity Sigma Phi Epsilon is hosting a car show to help raise money for a foundation to help teach people about safe driving. A brother in the fraternity lost a friend in a car crash and we are now trying to raise money to help the foundation started in his name. We are holding a...
  8. California allows college aid to illegal immigrants

    The Black Hole
    California allows college aid to illegal immigrants California allows college aid to illegal immigrants - Yahoo! News SACRAMENTO (Reuters) - California Governor Jerry Brown on Saturday signed a bill giving illegal immigrant college students access to state-funded financial aid, the second half...
  9. So I was at Kingsborough college and I spotted a b5.5

    The Showroom
    So I took some pics... Mine has the lights on, hope the owner doesnt mind.
  10. Meet tonight @Target in College point NY every Thursday night !!!!!!!

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    135-05 20th Avenue college point NY... every Thursday night 8:30ish vw meet. No blasting music, No burnouts Dont do anything that will draw attention. i went last week and it was real cool and calm plus i was the only b5 there lol c y'all .
  11. Obama considers forgiveness of college loans!

    The Black Hole
    Just got this in my email, figured I'd share and see how you guys feel about it. This could be good. Let me know if the link works. If not, I'll post the article.
  12. like Herman, my daughter has gone off to college...

    Anything Auto
    ...and her 98 A4 Avant is now one of my daily driver cars. however, that ain't happenin' for now... turns out that in her one of her last minute mad rushes, she must have hit a fence and a crub (for you newbs, that's an inside joke). she scraped up one of the Swings I put on the car, as well...
  13. College Motorsports Car Show (JMU, VA)

    Events & Gatherings
    Hey guys, figured I would post up to see if we can get some passat rep at the annual car show here at James Madison University. This show is put on our motorsports club here.. MM(Madison Motorsports) If you're in the Va area come on by for a great time!!
  14. Frigging elitist hippy commie college punks.....

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  15. College Presidents/CEO pay

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    Do you think their pay is appropriate? Best Car Insurance | Auto Protection Today | FREE Trade-In Quote
  16. New College Thread

    The Showroom
    I know there was a thread for those in college and still modding, but let's start a new one, 2008 edition :thumbup: Cal State University San Marcos, 1st year Business
  17. Yet another Boost Issue: College Stdnt Edition (I searched, just need some feedback)

    B5 Garage
    The passed few weeks, i've been having issues w/ boost and my 99 1.8T going into some sort of soft limp. I know i know, rumor has it AEB's don't have LIMP MODE, but..... on a good day, i would spike 15-17PSI WOT, hold 15, and gradually taper down to 10PSI. Some days, it would only spike at...
  18. ABA786 - Alex - College Park, MD

    USA - East
    Hey guys I've been on and off for the past 4 years, but since college been sperated from the car. Now shes mine again: Royal Green 99 V6 tip: MODS: Koni yellow shocks w/ springs(i bought a kit i think the springs are also koni) Neuspeed rear sway Mille Miglia Evo5s (now with 2 new replicas...
  19. CKC's I wanna see all the College kids.

    The Showroom
    This thread is for all of us in college that are going to school and still modding. Throw up a pic so we can see what you're working with. And tell us what year you are, what your studying, and where you go. I'll Start. Freshman, Lakeland Community College, Business Administration BTW CKC...
  20. anyone with a vagcom in state college, pa area?

    USA - East
    got the check engine light and airbag light on. went to autozone, said they didnt have the correct adapter, went to advance auto and it was broke. so anyone in the state college (penn state) area with a vagcom? id really appreciate it. thanks.