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  1. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Just curious if any W8 owners out there upgraded (or tried) to R8's or some other non stock coil packs and what their experience was. Picked up an 2003 W8 6speed not to long ago for my DD, It's been great so far other other than the random misfires I've been getting, mostly under WOT. It has...
  2. Parts For Sale
    Complete 034 Motorsports ICM Delete Kit + coil packs, pulled from my wrecked '99 Passat Wagon 1.8 T AEB, :( See specs: 034Motorsports 1.8T ICM Delete Kit Used less than 10k miles, in excellent shape all around. Pictures of exactly what you will get: $200 for local pickup in Portland...
  3. Parts For Sale
    CLOSED/SOLD FS - Karlyn STI 5014 Coil pack (B5, maybe others) - $5 + shipping SOLD Never before used coil pack. I bought it for my 2000 Passat (ATW engine code) in case I ever got stranded anywhere from a bad coil pack. Luckily that never happened and now I've sold my Passat and hope that...
  4. Parts For Sale
    I no longer have my 2003 W8 anymore. Since I'm in the process of moving, these parts have come to light and need to go. 4 Votex caps - $150 New fender - $100 New coilpacks - $30 I bought the Votex caps for $300. Price to pay for some you can't get separate unless you bought the entire Votex...
  5. Parts For Sale
    Deka 630cc injectors (set of 4 direct plug and play just need spacers and tune to run them)-$130 shipped SOLD Saip pump off my 2000 atw (works great, just removed do to installation of fmic)-$50 shipped SOLD Stock atw coilpacks (bolt down, built in icm)-$25 shipped SOLD "BROKEN" Baileys diverter...
  6. Parts For Sale
    i have a complete set of 4 bolt down atw coil packs (cannot be used on aeb unless you have done icm delete) all coils function fine they have been in my trunk ever since i chenged the valve cover to accept push in coil packs, if i ever needed of them has no label on that one has a...
  7. Anything Auto
    Didn't know for sure where to put this, but thought it may prove helpful to somebody. It is a web site that provides step by step instruction for diagnosing car problems. VW specific situations are limited to ICM, coilpack and MAF testing, but look to be very helpful for the novice DIYer. Part...
  8. B5 Garage
    I don't have much test equipment OTHER than a code reader and multi-meter, and I'm trying to narrow down a lack-of-spark problem on my 98 1.8t AEB Passat. Any thoughts on how to track this down?
  9. Parts For Sale
    SOLD SOLD SOLD I have 4 *BRAND NEW* OEM VW/Audi Coilpack P/N: 06H 905 115 These have been sitting around in my room and have only been taken out of the box a 2-3 times to look at and to take this picture. Retail price is around $24 per coil pack at dealership - I am looking for $60 SHIPPED...
  10. Parts For Sale
    Part # 06a-905-115-d i have four $18 a piece plus shipping.
  11. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Is it worth the extra cash, about $50 more, to go to an upgraded coilpack? My 03, 1.8, with 131K miles has thrown some error codes and my mileage has dropped. Dealer moved coilpacks around and no more error codes, but my mileage is down about 10%. Any suggestions?
  12. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hello, I had the dreaded oily spark plugs. I had previously found topics about how the oil gets in there via leaky VCG. I'm a TDI guy. So I learn about 1.8T issues as they crop up on my wife's 2003 Passat GLS (I had no idea the spark plug holes went through the VC). Anyway, the car had...
  13. Parts For Sale
    I have all 4 of them and am asking $100 not shipped. Volkswagen Passat B5 FWD 1.8T OEM Volkswagen / Audi Revision "E" Coil Pack ATW up to 2001.5 model years. These have never been used because they are the wrong type for my car.
  14. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    For $25each (NEW) it seems to good to be true. Are there any with experiances using FCP Groton's products?
  15. B5 Garage
    I have a cylinder misfire, not sure of the code because I don't have a CEL right now and can't remember which cylinder it was and the code. But I'm wondering if i swap coilpack #1 with #2 or even #3 if that is okay and I wont through another code or have starting issues. 1998 1.8 AEB 135K.
  16. B5 Garage
    I bought my 03 passat a few months ago. When replacing the spark plugs with OEM NGKs, I noticed that it had three "R" coilpacks that looked brand new and one "L" coilpack that looked suspect. After seeing there was a recall and knowing I had some additional maintenance to perform, I ordered a...
1-18 of 58 Results