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  1. Jay drives a Chevy Cobalt!

    Anything Auto
    I just got back from a trip to Syracuse (this time of year, Siberacuse) and had to rent a Chevy Cobalt. This little gem had 28k on the clock, was red, and had been thrashed a bit. For those of you considering this as a next car, I have one word of advice: don't. The good: the engine was...
  2. Rental: Chevy Cobalt (I miss my B5!)

    Anything Auto
    base model, no power windows, no power locks. The seat, though relatively ergonomic, feels like a lawn tractor seat. All which make it obvious how inexpensive electronics have become because it does have outside temp, cruise, and speed-sensitive radio volume. it feels like i'm going down the...
  3. Cobalt Blue

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Hi all- not posted for a while but I really want to get another Passat. I really like the Cobalt Blue - but I think it might be discontinued - does anybody know when it was discontinued in the UK - or where there is a list of colours and the dates they were available please? Thanks all Happy...
  4. Wanted: Pictures of Cobalt gauges w/stock at night, also pics of my new passat!

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    After lots of searching, I still found no pictures of the Autometer Cobalt gauges with our stock ones at night to see how close they are. Anyone have them and willing to post a few pics? I'm new to the forums, just got my passat, and have lots of plans for it. :D Here are the pics:
  5. From this week's: AutoWeek (Tuner issue) - Chevy Cobalt SS

    Anything Auto
    I just got the latest issue of AutoWeek in the mail. Theres an article about the new Chevy Cobalt SS Supercharged. Its got its crosshairs on the Focus SVT, the Neon SRT4, and the Civic Si. Pretty stiff competition. The eaton charger will be intercooled producing 205 hp @5600 200 lb/ft...
  6. 2005 Chevrolet Cobalt - class or crass?

    Anything Auto
    don't know if anyone seen this or not but GM unveiled their newest all-new car at the 2004 LA autoshow. It's supposed to be a replacement for the ancient Chevy Cavelier eventhough they try not to make any references to it. They emphasize that it is a "premium" compact model with superior...
  7. FS: Autometer Cobalt Boost Gauge *SOLD*

    Classified Archive
    I bought this gauge roughly three weeks ago from Nate ( for $150.00. I'd like to sell it for the same considering I never used it and it's worth at least $150.00. That includes shipping anywhere. Like he said it's practically...
  8. Autometer Cobalt Boost Gauge / Questions

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    On the wiring for the Gauge where does the Red Wire go to. The instructions says that it needs to connect to a power source that does not interrupt when starting the car. I have it currently connected to the Red power wire on the back of the Light Switch but its a Constant Power Source. The...
  9. FS: - Autometer Cobalt EGT (Pyrometer) [NIB]

    Classified Archive
    MSFGP - Autometer Cobalt EGT (Pyrometer) [NIB] "Might Sell For Good Price" (Not Feeler) [NIB]=New In Box New, never used, Autometer Cobalt EGT (Pyrometer). I ordered it and talked myself out of the install. I believe the meter is 2.25" in diameter. Includes probes that come with the...
  10. FS: Brand New COBALT A/F and Boost Guages - SOLD

    Classified Archive
    Brand New COBALT A/F and Boost Guages BOTH BRAND NEW, STILL IN BOX Autometer COBALT 2" Electrical Guage, A/F Ratio Includes Installation Kit and Instructions Retails for 55, asking 45 shipped. Autometer COBALT Electrical Guage BOOST. Includes SENDER and Universal T-Fittings and...