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  1. Clear coat peeling

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    The clear coat on my original 2000 candy white Passat is peeling on the roof and the trunk. Instead of painting it I thought about trying to vinyl wrapping the hood, roof and trunk. Doing it myself. Looking for input pros and cons. Any good vendors? Thanks Jocko
  2. Soft99 Fusso Coat wax?

    Wax On, Wax Off
    Anyone tried using Soft99 Fusso Coat wax? I seen high praise in the UK.
  3. NOOB...Paint/Clear Coat Failure!

    New Member Introductions
    WTF? Daughters 2006 3.6 Sport. Hood and roof had small areas where the clear coat was looking a little dull. Now, after a hard rain it looks like this! :mad: :mad: :mad:
  4. Headlight UV coat refurbishing questions

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So i have a pair of aftermarket headlights i puchased from spyder a year ago, and it looks like a plastic film is starting to chip or peel away from the actual headlights. I'm pretty sure this is the UV protectant layer most OEM headlights have in the plastic, this is just a cheaper method for...
  5. Bird droppings damaging clear coat

    Wax On, Wax Off
    About a week ago I got nailed by some birds. I have been unable to wash the car so the droppings sat for several days. When I washed the car today there are dull-looking circles where the bird droppings are. I know bird poop is acidic, and if it can be polished out, I'm not too worried about it...
  6. SAMARKAND 18" Wheels Problem: CLEAR COAT COMES OFF???

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    Hi all, after horrendous winter in NY I have banged up my beautiful Samarkand 18" wheels. It seems like clear coat or some plastic starts to come off the wheel... it happened in 2 of my 4 wheels. One is bad (pic), other one have only small part with that coat coming off but I have no doubts it...
  7. 99 Passat LB3Y Colorado Red Pearl Clear coat peeling

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    My clearcoat is starting to peel off on the roof from my 99 Passat. I read a lot of posts about what is the best method of fixing this. But, what I would like to ask is if it is feasible for a novice to attempt it. I am usually a repair it yourself type of guy if possible. I got a quote today...
  8. Clear Coat Problems??

    Wax On, Wax Off
    I have a 07 Passat 2.0t and recently I have been noticing that the clear coat and been bubbling up and peeling all over the car. In areas like door jams, bumber, side panels, and some other areas. I clean my car at least once a week and wax/clay bar on a regular basis. I was wondering if anyone...
  9. Weird problem with Clear Coat

    Wax On, Wax Off
    I realize this isn't strictly a detailing question, but this seems like the right forum. I've been traveling in the South this week. It's been very hot and I've put some hard miles on the car (99 GLS, 175K miles). Today I found a DIY carwash so I figured I'd give my baby a bath. Well, the "high...
  10. Wet sand base coat or clear coat?

    Wax On, Wax Off
    I'm painting a rear window diffusor and the base coat is drying now. It's painted very evenly and looks good, but obviously it isn't glass smooth to the touch. Should I wetsand the base coat and then clear coat it? Or just clear coat it and wet sand after? I'm afraid if I don't wetsand the...
  11. Clear coat peeling off roof...

    B5 Garage
    Just as the title says, the clear coat on my roof is starting to peel away...mainly right above the driver side. Is there an easy fix to this or does the entire roof have to be repainted? Thanks in advance.
  12. Clear coat failure ... options please?

    Wax On, Wax Off
    Howdy. The clear coat on the roof of the car is coming off. I was wondering if there;'s a way to stop the deterioration in its tracks and if there's something I can do to replace the clear coat that already is missing. I'd rather spend as LITTLE as possible on this. Cheers!
  13. Clear coat on taillights

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    So I just had my tailights tinted...didnt use any of the spray can sh*t, me and my buddy mixed our own paint to match the car...looks good im just wondering, has anyone done this themselves or anything similar to it and then clear coat the paint so it has the same kind of shine that the car...
  14. Mercedes CL + Foam + fur pimp coat = ?

    Anything Auto
    To this: from this: with this: More pics here:
  15. Clear coat peeling on lip

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    Alright so i just took notice to my front passenger wheel and it seems the clearcoat is peeling on the extreme edge of the lip. Its not real bad right now, kind of looks like strands of hair in a way. Is there anything i could do to keep this from getting worse?? I just got the wheels like a...
  16. Clear coat issues

    Wax On, Wax Off
    Hey everyone, great forum. You guys helped me make an informed descision about buying my new baby yesterday - ...needless to say my porter-cable is in the mail. :lol: Anyway I have a few spots about half-dime sized on the drivers side door and larger ones on the hood and the clearcoat is...
  17. Any point in doing a second coat of Megs 21 only 2 months after the last one?

    Wax On, Wax Off
    Is there any point in doing a second coat of Megs 21 only 2 months after the first one? Besides not having to wax it for two months longer, but instead in terms of shine? Thanks. Oh one other thing, recommend me a top quality, money is no object, quick wax. I've been using Meguiars Ultimate...
  18. Clear coat issue

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Just noticed this yesterday. Actually my wife and I saw it at the same time. Came out of the store and were putting the kids in the car and both came around to front and saw this goopy stuff on the hood. i got closer and assumed it was bird crap or left over water from the rain earlier in the...
  19. Is there any point to putting a coat of carnauba over Meg's #21?

    Wax On, Wax Off
    I mentioned elsewhere that the #21 I used on the Passat looks good but I feel like I lost some aspect of the shine that I always had when using Gold Class. So what I'm thinking of is trying a coat of GC on top of the Megs #21 tomorrow and would like to know if I should even bother? I've heard...
  20. need paint job and clear coat applied to my B5 in Chicagoland

    Wax On, Wax Off
    Anyone in the Chicagoland area know of a shop where I can take my Passat to have a quality paint job and clear coat protection applied? Paint job is not in the best condition, and a couple of large stone chips to boot. Would like to find someone that does a good job but doesn't charge 5x...