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  1. Lamborghini Gallardo Plunges Off 250 Foot Cliff

    Anything Auto
    Where it landed and where came to rest Divot it made in the ground (is that the floor pan or the roof?) Corner where is lost it View off the curve where it lost it Final resting spot
  2. People like this should be thrown off the cliff...

    The Black Hole
    Video appears to show Marine abusing puppy * Story Highlights * Marine in YouTube video appears to throw tiny dog over a cliff * Corps investigating "shocking and deplorable video," spokesman says * Location of scene not known, but Marines are in full combat gear * Lance...
  3. Please help me before I push my B5 off a cliff

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I have been having so many problems recently, and all in the same month, making the car a huge money pit. I have some questions. And I don't want to get ripped of by the dealer, and so far they have NO competent answers for me. 1. my control arm went, the bushing was ready to fall off, I assume...
  4. Needed: Cliff Notes version of Outing of CIA Spy Scandal.

    The Black Hole
    If you can summarize in very succint bullet points, less than 10 or so, thanks!
  5. New pics - car dirty, on top of a cliff, and still looks good!!

    The Showroom
    Managed to get stuck in the sand on the way back - who knew you had to turn the ESP off in such a situation??!! You do now!
  6. Viper locks the brakes and falls off a cliff.

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    Whoops! ****NOT work safe****
  7. F355 vs ViperGTS - VID - (Viper slides off of cliff)

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    Right click – Save as Probably need divx codex