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  1. Successfully cleaned PCV

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Successfully cleaned PCV + question Hello, I managed to clean the PCV with vinegar, baking soda and dawn soap. See images here.
  2. Cleaned the MAF and now I get this

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I took out the MAF yesterday and cleaned it. Today I'm getting 16486 fault code: Possible Causes Wiring and/or Connector(s) from/to Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF/G70) faulty Mass Air Flow Sensor (MAF/G70) faulty Possible Solutions Check Wiring and/or Connector(s) from/to Mass Air...
  3. Coolant Temp Gauge always at 0 - already replaced CTS, cleaned wires

    B5 Garage
    First off, thanks for taking the time to look at my SOS. I bought my first car (2001 VW Passat GLX 4motion) a couple of months ago. Long story short, a one of the few remaining issues that I'd like to fix myself is still persisting. When I took it in to VW dealership to have them diagnose...
  4. PCV cleaned, VCG replaced but leaking again

    B5 Garage
    Car is an 01.5 AWM. 5MT. 107k miles. So last fall I replaced the PCV bleeder, puck valve, and a few PCV hoses. I then replaced the valve cover and cam tensioner gaskets. Fast forward to today when I went to change the plugs and found a little seepage around the sides of the valve cover and some...
  5. Cleaned up my engine bay, could eat off of it

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    2001.5 Passat 1.8T 167,000 miles. I just replaced my headlight wiring and thought I would give my engine bay a little TLC. I could eat off of it.
  6. Cleaned garage, free stuff

    Parts For Sale
    All, I have: - 1.8 valve cover, off an AMB but should fit all other non AEB heads. Dirty, but would paint/polish up nice after a cleaning. - 007 rebuild kit with 4 different springs and shims. I might have other things to add. Can ship, but you pay. I'll toss these if no one has a need...
  7. Cleaned throttle body...

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    1999 passat 1.8t aeb. So I decided to clean my throttle body on monday. Everything went accordingly. Threw on a new gasket and all. Unfortunately now my idle is screwy. Starts out at 800 and after a few minutes of driving it stays between 1200-1500. I did do the tba, checked everything twice...
  8. Egr cleaned now black smoke ?

    New Member Introductions
    Hi all, I have just cleaned the egr & inlet manifold on my 2001 b5.5 1.9 tdi. as I have only owned the car 6 months and wasnt sure of the history so I decided to clean the egr & inlet manifold at the same time, the egr was gunked up but not to bad, the maifold was the same although I only...
  9. Help! Cleaned MAF, throttle body and changed air filter now backfires?

    B5 Garage
    I need some help. I'm a bit of a noob to DIY car maintenance and owning a Passat. I just cleaned my MAF with MAF cleaner, cleaned my throttle body with throttle body cleaner, and changed my air filter to an AFE dry air filter on my '02 1.8t AWM wagon and after i was done and started my car it...
  10. THrottle body cleaned up now the transmission will not shift right have scans

    B5 Garage
    I have a 99 passat v6 automatic triptonoic I did a throttlebody claning and now the car will not shift right. The PND43 etc are all black no matter what gear you have it in. Runs good but will not shift down manually and starts off in some high gear 4 or D. Vagcom site said i should do a reset...
  11. Cleaned MAF sensor now have a CEL

    B5 Garage
    I was having hard starting in the mornings, but only the first start of the day, so I cleaned my throttle body and MAF Sensor and after a mile of driving I have a CEL. I live 30 mins from the closest place that can check my code. Anyone else have this problem? I cleaned the MAF with...
  12. Cleaned my throttle body - Before & after pics

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Why did I wait so long?!?!?! Since I got my car five years ago, it has had an issue during acceleration from standstill where it "surges." That is , upon pressing the accelerator, the revs will jump up then come back down, and then climb normally. I would also have scary traffic situations...
  13. Projector Lense Cloudy - Can they be cleaned?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    The inside of the projector lenses on my 02 are cloudy almost like a dust film built up on the inside. Is there a way to clean them out without removing the headlight module? Can I take the bulb out and spray something like alcohol in there and blow out with a compressor? Has any one tried this?
  14. freshly cleaned

    The Showroom
    finally got a chance to clean her up today. just did a simple quick wash. still gotta get the lowers blacker and before anyone says it, yes i need to lower it but hey im a broke college kid.
  15. Cleaned, polished and pretty...

    The Showroom
    Also got one more passat :lol: Will try to keep this one stock :hmmm:
  16. New Toy - Cleaned Up

    Anything Auto
    My wife and have had a roller coaster of a year. I figured we earned this: She is a Craigslist find - a 2002 Miata LS 5-speed, w/ 36K miles. It came with an after-market dual exhaust, which makes it sound awesome. The gentleman who sold it to us wasn't able to fit into it comfortably...
  17. Can the IC be cleaned?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Can it be cleaned without removing it? I searched on the forum how to clean it.. with carb cleaner and water but can i do this by removing the top and bottom hose and spray inside then use a blower? the outside of the IC looks clean. Also it was bought from UK it means i will not have sensor inside?
  18. Steamed cleaned my 2.0

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Well I was bored and my wife bought a new Shark steamer. So I took advantage of it and used it to steam clean my engine. I thought it came out okay. After I cleaned it I went over it with Back to Black and really looked good.
  19. 01 passat w/130k all cleaned up

    The Showroom
    changed my mind to lower.gonna wait till i get a new passat.although this one is still hot![/IMG]
  20. Cleaned the VR6 Today; New Photos

    Volkswagen Passat B6 Discussion
    Nothing too new on the car (yet :) ), just washed her and decided to grab some new photos. VW did recently replace my under-hood insulation fabric with a new design that has the metal heat shield; do other new B6's have this? My old one was warped from some idiot soaking it with water so my...