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  1. need help PLZ!

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    also have no low beams now, not gettin any current to the fuses, any help is much appreciated. I have a B5.5 2002 Passat varient 1.8tm:thumbup:
  2. New User - Trying to post to classifieds - Post #3

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    Trying the two posts again to post my W8 for sale.
  3. Problems posting to classifieds please help!

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    Hey everyone! I am relatively new to the forum but I've posted my mandatory 2 posts to the Noob Thread and it isn't allowing me to post my vehicle to the classifieds ads! I'll attatch a screenshot of the what appears when I try! I've already make a handful of posts on the B6 threads with no...
  4. Question: how many posts do i need to start a thread in the classifieds?

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    trying to part out my b5 here. the site is not allowing me to.
  5. can't post to classifieds

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    Why can't I post my wagon to classified ads? Admin please help me resolve this issue thanks!
  6. Not new but can't post to classifieds?

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    I have 29 posts but still can't post in classifieds?
  7. Classifieds not working

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    What's up with the classifieds? Anybody tried to use it? All I get is an error code every time.. Trying to locate a decent b5 headlight with hardware.. Thanks in advance!
  8. classifieds

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    i have more then 25 posts and it wont let me make a classified thread??? whats up with dat
  9. Made my intro post(s) Classifieds still "Off Limits"

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    I am trying to make a WTB post for B5 Passat coilovers, but keep getting a message saying I can't post in the WTB section.
  10. Posting so I can ask ?'s in the classifieds! My ride is in need of mods!

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    Can't do a whole lot of mechanical mods to my B5.5 Passt GLX some upgraded visual mods will have to do! I will be doing coilovers soon, tint, 18" wheels. Cheers, Barbie
  11. Trying to Post my Passat for Sale in Classifieds

    Volkswagen Passat B7 Discussion
    Every time I click on "New Post" I get a message saying I don't have rights or privileges. How do I get a hold of an Admin to help me out with this? I've been a member since 2010 or before if I recall correctly.
  12. access to classifieds

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    want to sell my 2000 GLX in the classified section
  13. posting to get access to classifieds

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    want to sell my 2000 GLX....
  14. Can't post a new thread in the Classifieds

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    Hi, I can't post a new thread in the Classifieds. I've done the two posts as instructed. Any ideas? Thanks, David
  15. trouble posting in classifieds

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    Hi I was just wondering if there is a minimum post to post in classifieds.
  16. Can't seem to post to the vehicle classifieds forum

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    I can post to the other forums, like this one. The administrator needs to activate me?
  17. classifieds

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    you have to have 25 posts to buy anything in the classified section? I get the "25 post" logic for sellers, but I believe the cliche is "buyer beware!" not seller beware. So why the necessity of forum contribution by buyers? :thumbdown Do my posts on other VAG forums count?
  18. posting to classifieds?

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    why can't I post in the classified section?
  19. wanna post in our classifieds? READ THE RULES!

    Parts For Sale
  20. Classifieds Ads, Honesty Is Always The Best Policy...

    Anything Auto :rofl: Two FS threads that take sales to a whole new level. :lol: