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    Oh, and throw in a couple Radical SR3s, TVR Chimera, Lotus 340R, WRX STi's, a couple Elises, and whatnot. Who would win? The Civic of course. ouch.
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    this is a real funny 1 guys
  3. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    i saw a passat with a civic front end conversion and thought it looked hot i currently have powered by honda seatbelt pads, super fly ice daddy tail lights, and a double deck race wing, as well as type s logos, and race sticker son my car. i also put a custom skunk 2 exaust system, and green...
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    Anyone do this before? Is there anything special about it? Currently there’s the stock main radio in the center of the dash but the cd player is down by the gear selector.
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    Okay, here's the deal. A friend of mine has a civic and is claiming that he could get 200 extra hp bringin him somewhere up to 330 just by getting a huge ass turbo, sleeving the engine, and a few other mods. My question is, wouldnt' that be too much for such a small engine? Its my understanding...
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    if i get a hatch it will be turned into a sleeper ala blade mode or if i go with the bug its going the baja route so which would you pick?
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    My friends and I have had a good laugh for the past few days. The photos are from last Friday. Car has been added with 1MHP (Man Horse Power) according to Flintstone power scale. Learn how to jack your car up properly :lol: Oh yeah, after it got fixed and we were about to put the car up...
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    This web club has been an outstanding resource to me as a new Volkswagen owner. I'd love to know if someone can recommend a similarly well done online club for owners of the 2002 Honda Civic. (I think it's seventh generation.) I tried looking at some I came up with at Google, but they were VERY...
  9. Anything Auto The 13.1 run was on slicks, the 13.8 run was on street tires. Notice the difference in trap speeds. This is because those slicks I was using absolutely suck and they won't hold pressure. So...
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    Got traction?..I don't Best time was a [email protected] 93oct pump gas, 6psi, nothing done, just rolled up and drove(was on the stock 14" steelies with all season tires ). Slip reads like this: r/t-1.002 60'-2.321 330-6.193 1/[email protected] 1/[email protected] I actually even got a 2.272...
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    It sounds like the girlfriend's car needs new brakes up front. I can replace my 99 Passat's in my sleep. Anything tricky about this cars that I should be aware of? Thanks. I'm also going to recommend this as a good time to get rid of this car for something more sporty and fun, for me to drive.
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    This time to fix my heater core. Going without heat in the civic sucked. Even though I still have the passat, the civic is my primary means of transportation as the whole purpose for me buying another car was to keep the miles down on the passat and provide me a play thing. Anyways, as you...
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    I finally got tuned for my 6psi today....all I can say is :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: :shock: . Yea, I raced a SUPRECHARGED CL-S(by comptech) and PULLED him :shock: :shock: :D . I am more than happy right now, I am glad to see my project made it all the way. Time to go have...
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    I can get an 88 Civic 4dr for very cheap(under $500), but it has an oil burning problem, which is apparently due to a blown headgasket. I already have a Passat, so I don't 'need' a second car, but I would really like to have a project car of some sort. The early Civics seem like a good...
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    It is slightly off to the right, but I will fine tune the fitting once the piping is made. Getting the piping made tomorrow and should finish installing everything else by this weekend.[/b]
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    It is just a test fit to see how everything lines up and to see how much clearance I have. Should have everything within the week. Then, its hondata time and she will be ready for a tune.
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    For those that don't know, the GT-25 is on the right.
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    On slicks, she ran a [email protected] with a 1.977 60'. On street tires, she ran a [email protected] with a 2.37 60'. My hatch was completely gutted, no passenger seat, no plastic, no carpet. The motor is a b18b1 which is a stock Integra(non-GSR) motor. There are no mods on the motor at all other...
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    Some friends of mine have an POS '91 Honda Civic that is their secondary car. Thing is small and has no power to speak of. Their dogs pretty much gutted the interior. Anyways, I know some of you are doing Honda project cars. I was curious what is possible with and '91 Civic. What engine...
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    I've just passed a black Civic SI hatch today that's basically looking a bit abandoned. Are these things worth salvaging at all? I mean judging by the look of the cobwebs, it's been there for at least a couple of months if not longer. My guess, it's a early to mid-90's hatch. Just curious.