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    I have to admit this car looks awesome.
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    I'm working on a friends 93 civic ex and he has a cel. Does anyone know and how I can get those codes read? I have no idea if and where the scanner port is and what scanner I need. TIA.
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    Talk among yourselves.:D
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    I bought it from Ebay for the autometer gauges. Its autometer, fits2 gauges, A pillar mounted,grey, no scratches and fits I think 96-2000 civics. $12 shipped. autometers part #20-428 PS1 I will consider trades PS 2 I dont think it fits Passat...
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    Well, VW is now 2 for 2 in Car and Driver. Last time it was the GLI coming in first in a comparison test (beating an Accord). This time it's the GTI beating the Civic Si. C&D hated the new Civic interior, thought the back seat was too small, said the engine lacks torque and the brakes are...
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    This Dominator has a Tune KA20 + Supercharger engine with a displacement of 2.0l and it develops more than 300bhp, hooked up to a 6-speed manual gearbox. The brakes are from Brembo: Pad : Type Competion Rotor / FR : Active Gate Brake Rotors Rotor /RR : 5-Slits Brake Rotors Hose : Micro mesh...
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    Now this model is different from what we get in the US, but I'm sure there are more similarities than differences.,,12529-1935705,00.html
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    More from the garage... Sorry about the krappy cam phone pics. It's just a civic after all.. ;)
  9. Anything Auto 197 hp, 6 sp, and a limited slip?????? As much as I don't want to own another Honda in pursuit of the driving "experience", this package is hard to beat for 20k. What do you guys think?
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    Beat out the A3 and Dodge Charger..? Search: Advanced Honda Civic Named Top Car for 2006 By DAVID RUNK, Associated Press Writer 2 hours, 56 minutes ago DETROIT - The Honda Civic, which in its latest incarnation offers drivers a more sleek and upscale take on the popular compact car, has...
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    im having trouble deciding between the two. the passat has [email protected] the civic has [email protected] the passat has 207lb @ 1800 of torque and the civic has [email protected] i know that the passat looks better on everything but the acceleration on the civic is better. honestly which should i get?why?
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    ~56mph avg, got 33.2mpg total. Everyone was passing me though. (same trip avg 28-29mpg if going faster) Post your best. I have pics, gotta post. Ill do it later I know the turbo guys have got around 35mpg. Maybe you can do better.
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    Hey guys, I was walking to work this morning and saw tow 2006 honda Civic coupe's drive by. I did a double take, first thinking they were mini-accords or somthing? Definitely looked like this (though no wing, carbon hood, and more stockish rims) Sorry I know I know, this thread is...
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    On a friday night at about one in the morning im cruising around in my 98 black passat with a friend. We hit a light right before a long stretch about three miles. A honda civic rolls up next to me and its all gooked out: exuast, body kit, the works. I didn't have any modifications in my car at...
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    The front looks "TSX-ish", rear reminds me of the defunct 3dr Daewoo Lanos "bubbleback" with some Mazda overtones. Overall, a rolling "egg-on-wheels". With these new Honda designs going for as in the Civic, it makes the MkVs look better. The New Golf, branded as a "Civic knock-off" will...
  19. Anything Auto civic + torque = :crazy:
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    I just had to share this with you guys. Yesterday i decided to stop by a local Rayco custom shop just to see how rediculous their pricing is. At a counter, couple of kids asked the sales guy ricer: " Is there I could make my rear wheels spin?" Salesguy: with a confused look "What kind of car...