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    Going to remove the hub and install new wheel bearings. Instead of sending out these calipers to get rebuilt probably going with ITR calipers.
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    My bro's 2k civic has white smoke coming out of the battery, and can smell that something is burning, so he replaced the ground wire, replaced the battery, and it's still doing the same thing. White smoke only upon the first 20-30 sec of the start, and headlight will burn out immediately when...
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    The first set of projectors I bought was not correct and was for a later model civic. NowI bought the SAE/DOT street legal TYC projector headlight for my 97 civic. Obviously I'm going to be putting HID capsules into the low beams. :lol:
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    H4 is the same as 9003 bulb bases so it you need either they both will work flawlessly. This kit I purchased a while ago to test the durability and quality of the kit from HID Lighting company. Although the kit costs much less than the McCulloch so far it has not failed and starts one shot even...
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    hey guys, i know this can be taken as a sensitive subject for some. i'm basically on the fence about this. i've always been a fan of the gti, in any form mk1, ii, iii, iv, and v. i was just wondering who has won the battle over the years between the civic and gti. i've done a lot of...
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    These are Sonar projector headlight that specifically has a sticker "NO HID". Well screw what it says and immediate out came the H1 bulb and in comes a HID capsule 6000K. the light is not white but a slight tint of blue which is acceptable i think. these are much better than my stock...
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    Ouch... Was making a left turn into 2 lanes that merged. I was already in front of the Civic and I noticed he started to speed up. I really didn't feel being stuck behind anyone so I gassed it. The driver in the Civic didn't back down... we were side by side for a good 1/6 mile, but in the end...
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    Ever since I sold my fully modified scirocco 16 valves, driving the civic just doesn;t seem to satisfy me. So I decided to modify it. first the body needed some work. here is the car before pics...
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    Wow. Just wow. I can't believe this guy's job made him drive cross-country all the time. In a Civic. That should be illegal.
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    I went and looked a a civic today as I don't need much room. I asked why the manual shows lower milage than the automatic they gave me the salesmen crap about how autos are more efficient than manuals etc. Can someone give me the REAL reason for this not the salesmen crap, please?
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    Here is the low down: Only for Australians... I personally don't think it looks bad and 146 TOP MPH isn't too shabby either. It would be a good round-around car. And...
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    this is outta control, take a look at this. its soooo awesome:beer:
  13. Anything Auto I was expecting not to like it, but I actually reluctantly do.
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    Ok, I haven't owned a Honda in a LOOOONG time. Last was a 91 Accord LX. Never owned a Mazda or Mitsu. Here's how I see it, I should be able to get any of these 3 into the low to mid 30s on the highway without even trying. Even the Mazdaspeed3 can do low 30s on the freeway. The Honda has the...
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    I personally like the $20k ish regular Si, but i find it difficult to justify given the $30k pricetag of this model. the only functional mod is additional suspension tuning (the Si is good enough imo), and some exhaust prob without any substantial gains. Aesthetically, Mugen usually does...
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    Think again:
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    Bright Green civic tested the 1.8T recently on my way home. I hadn't had a street battle in a while. Gutsy little performance by the civic hatch. Exhaust note, sounded throaty, and he was quick. I guess he saw me cruising and starting playing a little follow the leader. That continued until...
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    It's been a good couple of years, but finally i have my ls-vtec eg hatchcrap done! Well..almost. My mechanic got it tuned and dynoed on tuesday. supposedly, according to him, it made 197 whp, and 135tq at 8300 or so. I should really get it dynoed at another shop just to be objective. this...
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    I'm not in anyway a Civic fan, but this is a very agressive looking car.