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  1. Next project: city lights as DRLs

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    This is my next project. What do you guys and gals think?
  2. Atlantic City

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    Well i turned 21 on tuesday and im going to make my frist trip to Atlantic City tommorw night anyone have any suggestions or things i should know, What is the easiest game to win at i like bringing home moeny not leaving it behind
  3. For Grand Theft Auto:Vice City and Metal music fans.....

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    This is from the metal station with DJ Lazlow in Vice City. Grand Theft Auto: Vice City V-Rock 1. DJ Lazlow Intro 2. You've Got Another Thing Comin' - Judas Priest 3. Too Young to Fall in Love - Mötley Crüe 4. Peace Sells - Megadeth 5. Dangerous Bastard - Rockstar'S Love Fist 6. Turn Up...
  4. Hate to brag but ... My City is the Bestest!

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    So ... I'm living in the most livable city in the World ... well arent I special How does your city rank?
  5. FS: Polarg 5W bulbs (sidemarker or city lights) - SOLD

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    FS: Polarg 5W bulbs (sidemarker or city lights) $10 plus shipping or $10 flat if you pick 'em up.
  6. Dmitriy Kostyuchenko - Salt Lake City, UT

    USA - Central
    Dmitriy - Salt Lake City, UT I first heard of the Passat on NPR’s Car Talk, and the people who called in had nothing but good things to say about them. This was back when I didn’t really need a car, so I just put it into the back of my mind. When I got a real job, the car hunting began. The...
  7. Mark Schoonbeck - Kansas City, MO

    USA - Central
    2008 Audi TT V6 2002 GLS Silverstone Gray Sedan stock for now 2000 GLS Black 1.8T Variant 5-speed, Heated Leather, Monsoon. Thanks to everyone for making this Forum the wealth of information it is. Most of the following mods were done based on what I learned here...
  8. Ways to get to Manhatten from Atlantic City??

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    My parents are going to be in Atlantic City. They want to visit Manhatten. They would like to take either a bus or a train. However, they were told the train doesn't go straight to Manhatten. They have to go to Philly first than take another train from there. Does anyone one have ideas...
  9. Raymund Esperanzate - Jersey City, NJ

    USA - East
    I finally got some new pics of my car. Thanks to marf34 for the pics and b5bel for working on my car...<p> <p> <p> <p> <p> <p> <p> Mods:<p>Euro-switch Hella OEM Bi-Xenons ITG Air Filter Hyperboost DV ECS N75 Race Valve GIAC ECU X Chip GIAC Tip Chip Eibach Pro-kit/Pro-dampers Neuspeed 28mm...
  10. I hope you guys realize what I'm dealing with in this city..

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    I hope you guys realize what I'm dealing with in this city....79 yearold flasher
  11. Any good tint shops in the Twin City area?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hey pass-variant, kenny_payne or anyone else know of a quality tint shop in the twin city area?
  12. Ben Lim - Union City, CA

    USA - West
    Ben Lim - Fremont, CA F A S T P A S S A T Latest Pic: 1999 VW Passat GLS 1.8L 20V Turbocharged inline 4 Nebio Blue Metallic paint, Gray/Black interior 5-speed Manual w/ Neuspeed short shifterEngine and Driveline Garrett 1.0bar chip LLtek intake w/ K&N air filter...
  13. Jesse Hustad - Salt Lake City, UT

    USA - Central
  14. JULIO L. - Long Island City, NY

    USA - East
    1999 1.8T Passat GLS Satin Silver Modifications so far: Rays-Volk Racing LE37 18x7.5 30mm offset modifications i am currently doing: major ice: Alpine IVAc801 in dash cd reciever & 6.5 inch screen Alpine dva7996 dvd/cd/mp3/multi source headunit Alpine dhas690 dvd/vcd/cd changer - 6 discs...
  15. Greg Allen - Salt Lake City, UT

    USA - Central
    <U>1999 1.8T Satin Silver B5</U> <p> <p>Date of Ownership 12/01/98 -5 Speed Tiptronic -GLS w/sunroof -Adelaides Alloy Wheels -6 Disc Change<p> <U>Modification:</U> <p>- Neuspeed Sport Springs - Blistein Sprort Shocks - Neuspeed/Greedspeed 1.0 VBL Chip - Greedspeed Modifided 5 Bar Fuel...