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  1. Christopher C. - Toronto, ON

    Well I'm not new to the forums but I haven't created a "profile" in the Canada Member Directory and decided that it was about time to do so. The Ride: 2001 B5 V6 MT black I JUST got my passat back last night after a full engine swap with all the fixings and a new clutch. It runs like new...
  2. Christopher Williams - Kasson, MN.

    USA - Central
    Well, I'm finally getting around to getting some information up about me and my B5. I bought this bad boy off eBay (yeah I know) about 6 months ago and have been loving every minute of it. I just started modding about a month ago so I have alot left to do. The Car..... 1999 B5 GLS Satin...
  3. Christopher Mark, Phoenix, AZ

    USA - West
    I just did some picture updates... 2001 Passat GLS/ 5 spd/Candy White/ took delivery in Feb 04 (thanks Calkins Family) new paint!!! Mods: (listed in order of install) Forge 007 DV De-Badged "Passat" S2000 Shorty Antena Neuspeed Soft springs Neuspeed Rear 28 mm Sway Neuspeed...
  4. Christopher J Browning - Eaton, OH

    USA - Central
  5. Christopher Yoon - Oak Brook, IL (Anchorage, AK)

    USA - Central
    1999 VW Passat GLX Tiptronic 30V V6 December 2004 Passat of the Month!!! -ATE Front Power Discs -Brembo Rear Discs -Mintex Red Box All around -Kamei Badgeless Grill (SOLD) -OEM Crystal Clear Corners -17" Ace Forumlas -P225/45 R17 Continental...