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  1. New Member Introductions
    Brilliant forum. I have already learnt a LOT from you members. Many thanks for this. I bought a Passat b6 2008 1.9 105 bxe estate. Estates are called ...breaks... Here. I travel two return trips from the very western seaboard of France to Croatia on the Adriatic every year..2000km each way. I...
  2. Canada
    Well, I thought it was time to make a profile and introduce my B5.5. It's a Green 1.8T 2001.5 wagon with black leather and manual transmission. More mods to come! Engine: APR 93 Oct. Flash 710N (TT) DV Exterior/Interior: New South Performance Boost Gauge New South Performance Column Pod...
  3. USA - Central
    Never posted myself here - so here goes... 2003 ATQ 4Motion - Black, bone stock for now. Would love to see some more Central Mo B5/5.5s on here. I know you're out there because I see you all over town...unless I'm just halucinating from lack of sleep.:sleep:
  4. Canada
    Hey guys, I created a profile for my cousin. They have a 2009 Passat CC 2.0T Manual fully loaded, it's deep black on black leather. Here's a couple dirty pics of when the car was brand new: Still bone stock, except for window tint. Mods on the way: OEM Chrome exhaust tips, chrome rear...
  5. USA - East
    just got GIAC chip installed at Induktion Motorsports, best 500 bucks i ever spent!
  6. USA - South
    "stattlich" :: [noble, stately, well-built, handsome, considerable, robust, imposing, brave, superb, gallant, sightly, majestic, grand] It started with a 1986 GTI my senior year in high school (that I still have). Then my needs changed four years later, and I picked up a new, black on black...
1-7 of 61 Results