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  1. Chris signing in from Normandie France

    New Member Introductions
    Brilliant forum. I have already learnt a LOT from you members. Many thanks for this. I bought a Passat b6 2008 1.9 105 bxe estate. Estates are called ...breaks... Here. I travel two return trips from the very western seaboard of France to Croatia on the Adriatic every year..2000km each way. I...
  2. Chris Kyle's Death and Ron Paul's Idiocy

    The Black Hole
    Chris Kyle, a former U.S. Navy SEAL and the most lethal sniper in U.S. military history, was murdered on Saturday during his charity event to assist service members with PTSD. He and another buddy were killed by an event participant in what appears to be little more than a robbery over his...
  3. Chris Ryan - Waterloo Ontario

    Well, I thought it was time to make a profile and introduce my B5.5. It's a Green 1.8T 2001.5 wagon with black leather and manual transmission. More mods to come! Engine: APR 93 Oct. Flash 710N (TT) DV Exterior/Interior: New South Performance Boost Gauge New South Performance Column Pod...
  4. Chris - 03Blacky - Columbia, Mo

    USA - Central
    Never posted myself here - so here goes... 2003 ATQ 4Motion - Black, bone stock for now. Would love to see some more Central Mo B5/5.5s on here. I know you're out there because I see you all over town...unless I'm just halucinating from lack of sleep.:sleep:
  5. Chris C. - Aurora, ON

    Hey guys, I created a profile for my cousin. They have a 2009 Passat CC 2.0T Manual fully loaded, it's deep black on black leather. Here's a couple dirty pics of when the car was brand new: Still bone stock, except for window tint. Mods on the way: OEM Chrome exhaust tips, chrome rear...
  6. gt28rs Chris Tapp ECU "02 AWM CM"

    Classified Archive
    SOLDgt28rs Chris Tapp ECU "02 AWM CM"SOLD SOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLDSOLD Looking to sell my 28rs ecu file. Bought it from Jumboblack and ended up wrecking my passat, so now here is the ecu i was going to put in is for sale. "This came off a 02...
  7. Chris- Bowie ,MD

    USA - East
    just got GIAC chip installed at Induktion Motorsports, best 500 bucks i ever spent!
  8. FS: Chris Tapp Gt2871r ECU for CM-box Passat

    Classified Archive
    Bought this a while ago thinking it would work on my Audi A4, but unfortunately it will not plug into my ecu harness. This came off a 02 Passat with an AWM engine code. The ecu was programmed by Chris Tapp, and is supposedly some of the best Big Turbo programs available. The ecu was tuned for: A...
  9. Chris,barrie

  10. Chris Atkinson - Dallas, TX

    USA - South
    "stattlich" :: [noble, stately, well-built, handsome, considerable, robust, imposing, brave, superb, gallant, sightly, majestic, grand] It started with a 1986 GTI my senior year in high school (that I still have). Then my needs changed four years later, and I picked up a new, black on black...
  11. Chris Schaafsma - Wheaton IL

    USA - Central
    Well we joined the 2 Passat club in October of 2005, I just never made an update post here. Passat #1: 1998 GLS, Satin Silver, 5speed, cloth seats, sunroof This was the first 1.8t in the Chicago Volkswagen Organization club, and the first VWVortex project car. Jamie VonDruska bought it new in...
  12. Chris - Avon, IN

    USA - Central
    Hey KY/IN folks I'm on board finally with a new ride which i'm pretty stoked about. Would like to say hello and I will stay tuned for a posting for a gtg. I have tried to figure out how to include some pics with no success. But I have a stock although loaded 04 glx 4mo blk/grey auto. I am...
  13. Chris S. - Morristown, NJ

    USA - East
    Hey guys, finally decided to make my homepage.. 2002 Silverstone Grey B5.5|| FWD AT/Tip V6 30v EDIT : NO idea why the pic keeps disapeering.. .:List of Mods:. Exterior: -Votex Full Kit (Front/Sideskirts/Rear/Spoiler) -Adjustable Brushed Antenna...
  14. Chris Brusa - Burlington, VT

    USA - East
    Well, I am new to this forum. I have played around with some local clubs, but there is not much Passat respect in those...I am glad to have found this place. So, I have a 2004.5 GLS 4Motion (5-speed manual) and my wife has a 2003 GL (5-speed manual). Both are reflex silver. They are nothing...
  15. Chris Kuebler - Santa Paula (Ventura co.), CA

    USA - West
    Bought my stock 2000 GLX just this January. Indigo Blue with Black leather, Tiptronic. Photo is from when I bought it. Mods so far Clear Corners(ebay) Clear Side Markers (from quattroking) S2000 Antenna (from bfalchuk) Armrest Cupholder (ebay) P&P Rear Sway Bar (from wtfhappened) See my HOW...
  16. B5 of the Month for December 2004: Chris Yoon (chrisyoon)

    Passat of The Month
    Congrats to Chris Yoon! Please click on the picture above to view his entire write up and to see more pictures!
  17. Chris G. - Dayton, OH

    USA - Central
    Just wanted to introduce myself and say thanks to everyone for all the information I've gleaned so far. I recently "inherited" my dad's '00 Passat GLS (he moved to Taiwan) and have started looking into stuff I can do to it, performance-wise. Everyone on here has been a great help so far and...
  18. Chris - 01.5 in Warner Robins, GA

    USA - South
    Well, this will be my first post on this forum (even though I'm a newb around here, I'm a member of several other car forums, and even a moderator on one, so I know the in's and out's.) :thumbup: Anyways, I've got a 2001.5 glx, v6, 5sp, dark blue / tan leather that's pretty much stock...
  19. Chris H. - Northridge, CA

    USA - West
    Chris H. - Valencia, CA Okay, with all the new changes, i decided it was time to update this. So here is my B5 Passat. Car Information: Make: Volkswagen Model: Passat (B5) Year: 1999 Transmission: 5-Speed Motor: 1.8T Body: Sedan Color: Windsor Blue Current Specs: Exterior: Eurogear...
  20. Chris Anthony, Pasadena, MD

    USA - East
    VW owner since 2001. I had a 2001 Jetta Wolfsburg Cool White. Pretty much stock. Eibach ProKit springs, European rubstrip, 4motion valence, CAI, Rieger shifter, OEM 6 Disk indash changer, and 42DraftDesigns A pillar pod and VDO gauge. That car was totalled in August 2003. Since then I have been...