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  2. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Hello Passat World! I drive 4 different vehicles regularly but only own 1 - my 03 B5 Passat. Now what I have noticed is that it is harder to turn the steering wheel on my Passat vs for example a Chevy Impala. Never noticed it until I started driving different cars. On many cars the weight of...
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  4. Anything Auto
    I can't believe I never heard of this till just now. Vert-A-Pac: An Unusual Way to Transport Automobiles | Amusing Planet
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  6. Anything Auto
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  7. New Member Introductions
    Been searching on this site a few weeks now, great info. I was given a 2000 passat atw w/100k because the previous owner was sick of putting money into it, got it towed to the house to fix it for him and he wouldn't take it back lol. I have been able to get it up and running and fix many...
  8. Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    After 11yrs of proud ownership... I'm moving on to Chevy Camaro ZL1; I shouldn't have took that darn test drive!!!! Saying good bye to my 2001.5 Anthra Blue GLX Passat... will surely be missed. Still in like new condition, No swirls/scratches in paint (never hand washed), under 100k...
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  10. Anything Auto
    GM News - United States - News ________________ I'd hit it! :lol:
  11. Anything Auto
    Turbocharged 1957 Chevy Convertible - Super Chevy Magazine yupyup.
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  13. Anything Auto
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  14. Anything Auto
    I need to remove the ignition switch on a 77' Chevy truck.
  15. Anything Auto,2817,2372238,00.asp Includes a video of a drive around in NYC. Interesting to see the car "boot up" and offer a tutorial available "while in Park." :lol:
  16. Anything Auto
    I got curious about the new Chevy Cruze and went to the Chevy website to see what was available with a manual transmission. Well, it's pretty sad. Only the entry model has a manual and the only real option is a space tire.:rolleyes: Standard is tire sealant and an inflation kit.:crazy...
  17. Anything Auto
    I just bought my 16 year old daughter a 2003 Chevy Cavalier LS Coupe. Not my first choice but in her price range there isn't a lot of options. My question to everyone is, does anyone know of good parts house for chevy parts. I want to replace the headlights (they have hazed over a bit) and I am...
  18. Anything Auto
    Sirs :cry:
1-20 of 59 Results