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    New Live Chat Features - Who loves it when the person you're talking to says. "I need to transfer you to another department"? Nobody? That's what we thought. As you begin your live chat session, you can now select the department you need to talk to so you can get your answers faster! Whether...
  2. 1st of 2 Florida New Member post 2003 1.8t looking for local B5.B friends for chat

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    hi,,i am new owner to Vw's and 2003 Passat B5.5 1.8t AWM -- All is good,, i got it late December 2009,,bought it off a local honda dealer,,was looking to upgrade to a newer honda with less dents but only had 5,000 cash,,and my old honda to trade,,it was a great ,,car my 2000 honda accord 4dr LX...
  3. I miss chat.

    The Black Hole
    Not too many of us still around remember this ClubB5 feature. Kathy Jimmy Thanasi Becca Dave Chas Bradford Chris Darrin Zoom TomP crew217 (Dave) (and many more old friends I'm too zoned to type) Remember the good ol' days? Sorry, but my addled, old brain remembers really fun times way back...
  4. Will ClubB5 Chat be back

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    what the title says