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  1. Champion Import Auto - Houston

    Dealerships and Service
    Hey guys! If anybody is looking for a good, reasonable priced VW mechanic I would definitely recommend Champion Import Auto in the Houston/Cypress area. It's a small shop ran by a man named John who has excellent customer service but is a little hard to understand sometimes.. A huge plus is that...
  2. can using champion sprkplug ?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    Just acquired a2004 1.8 67k miles, noticed it has champion sprkplugs in it & haven't found anyplace on this site that even mentions them. They are burning clean but white at the tips. Seems to be running real good, but CEL is on&my Very old obd ll reader just flashes 8's. Could these plugs be...
  3. #$###$#$%#[email protected]$ Champion Spark Plugs!!!!!

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    This would explain the random hesitation and overall crappy throttle response in my wife's V6..... Uploaded with This is after I cleaned the throttlebody, MAF and did a full TBA last weekend. Previous owner's records showed a tuneup not too long ago. A pox on the mechanic who...

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    100% Authentic Champion Motorsport forged wheels. You are bidding on four (4) RF62 Champion Motorsport wheels in the rare size of 18x8.5. The bolt pattern and offset is 5x112 & ET32. Wheels are made in Japan. Expect to pay around $4000 for these wheels new. I had Champion Motorsport in...
  5. 18 Tork Champion Wheels

    Wheel and Tire Forum
    :) i don't know were to put this but can some one please do a photochop of the TORK Champion wheels on my wife car. We would like to get an idea on how the wheels look on her car....if posible can i get a pick with the car dropped and one without... here is the post my wife put on her old...
  6. rant on Champion car wash in tysons

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    this morning i went to champion car wash because they are the only one i know that does hand wash and hand dry in the area, but i have to do all the job pointing them out which spot they missed (ie, trunk area). but they just refused to clean/dry my rims.. i even paid extra 5 bucks for the wheel...
  7. The undisputed champion of rice.

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  8. Anyone use Champion plugs for 99 B5 1.8T?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I called a local import parts store. They have NGK plugs for $8.20 Cdn and Champion plugs for $3.11. Anyone used Champions before? I've never seen them mentioned in previous threads. The dealer quoted $16 each for plugs (I don't remember if they were Bosch or NGK). I'm looking for a Canadian...
  9. Champion Motorsports RS6 pics

    Anything Auto
    simply amazing... click here for the rest of the pics. <![CDATA[simply amazing... click here for the rest of the pics. [Modified by b5bel, 3:53 PM 3/6/2003]