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  1. Anything Auto
    Don't ever rent one of these when you travel or need a car while servicing your euro. Especially if you are left-eye dominant. I am not sure the Chrysler engineers were keen enough to design for right-eye dominance, but it is the only semi-logical/credible explanation for this ergonomic...
  2. Anything Auto
    :icon_eek: Read more at :bowdown:
  3. Anything Auto
    no joke fire breathing monster! guy went to the dealer to get a hose, left with the car lol. pictures do no justice for it, gotta see it and hear it to appreciate it.
  4. Anything Auto
  5. Anything Auto
    Base vehicle specs: 2008 Dodge Challenger SRT8 6.1LHEMI 5-Speed Automatic Transmission Brilliant Black CDC GROUP 2 Challenger Wide Body Kit – PN. 0832-7005-01 Package components Include: Right and Left Composite Front Fenders Right and Left Composite "Billboard" Rear Quarter Panel Extensions...
  6. Anything Auto
    if you can spare about 25 minutes of your time, this is probably the most exciting top gear i've seen. watch them have all they can have with these three cars from highway 50 "the loneliest road" to the salt flats. all three of these cars are amazing. any one of them would swing me over to...
  7. Anything Auto
    In between Viper and Ram, Nice:thumbup: I want a 300C SRT10 :thumbup:
  8. Anything Auto
    Well after years of near misses I finally met HermanH. He often attends an Exotic Car GTG that takes place in the parking lot next to my work. Once I even got to see SNKVNM, but I had to get back to work so I didn't get to chat with Herman. Anyway, here are the 2 notable vehicles (acually the...
  9. Anything Auto it's kind of fun to mess around with the colors, didn't know if anyone has seen this yet :beer:
  10. Anything Auto
    Looks like dodge is skipping the low buck models and just getting down to buisness with the SRT8 model. I'lltake mine in orange with a six speed. :)
  11. Anything Auto
    I like it but it seems like Detroit has to keep going back to the sixties to make good looking cars again.
  12. Anything Auto "DODGE MAGNUM SRT-8 Vehicle type: front-engine, rear-wheel-drive, 5-passenger, 5-door wagon Estimated base price: $33,000 Engine type: supercharged and intercooled pushrod 16-valve V-8, iron...
  13. Anything Auto
    I realize that this might be controversial especially among Passat fans but I believe there just might be a new challenger to the Passat which happens to be the new MAZDA 6 sedan, hatchback and wagon. I just came back from a busines trip in Europe and saw a Mazda 6 Wagon in person in Frankfurt...
1-16 of 16 Results