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    In like-new condition! Bought it a few years ago right here on this site. Has a Yokohama AVS mounted on it (205/50). Was on my car for maybe 2 weeks. I have kept it as a spare. $100, shipped. Picture of the rim:
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    When looking for replacement caps, do you measure the front or the clip? The clips on mine are 62mm, a standard VW size, but the front is 68mm, which would be an oddball size. Thanks. Paul :thumbup:
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    I have a set of RS4 Reps, in 17X8. They came with chrome blank centercaps. I want to find some OEM full caps (not stickers) to put on the rims but the guys at my stealership need a part number as they don't stock any like the one I have. The blank I have measures 56mm across for the actual...
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    Hi! I just bought VW OEM Lemans wheels but they dont have center caps on them:cry: Was wondering if anyone has a new set for sale??? or please help with a part number and or website, where I can get them. Ebay sells some bull$tt! Please guys! I need 5 of them, 1 for spare wheel too.:) Thanks!
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    I bought these a long time ago and never used them. Now that the car's gone, I have no use. Make me an offer
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    i got my tocattas from an audi dealer so they have audi caps, anyone know the part# for the vw cap for that wheel? i think the tocatta was offered in the later passat accesory book if you have layin around.
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    Hi There - I have found some brand new wheels with rubber that have come off an 03 Audi A6. The centercap covers up the lugs - was wondering if there is an equivalent centercap for my Passat. Thanks!
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    Does anyone know where i can find VW emblem center cap stickers for my Flik Wasps? My Flik ones are coming off.
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    VW stickers for aftermarket rim centercap? & some other ??'s this is sort of a multipart question... 1) How do I go about finding VW stickers that would cover the small circular centercap of my aftermarket rims? Not a huge deal, just thought it'd be nicer to see a VW tag then a Mille 1000...
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    I upgraded my wheels to the 17 inch OEM Audi RS4 style wheel that came with the Celebration package. I have never had this type of centercap before and I do not know how to remove it and I don't want to damage them. I need to put my spare on so I can get to work... Thanks for any help.