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  1. tablet cellular data usage

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    Looking at getting the wife a new Kindle Fire. She loves the one she has, but I only got her the wireless one. I want to get her the bigger HDX that can be added to my verizon wireless account so she'd not limited to web access only from home. Currently, I'm on a 3gb data plan for her s5 and my...
  2. WTS: New Gen.4 iPad 16GB Wi-Fi + Cellular (at&t)

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  3. Contracts (Cellular)

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    Is there a way to avoid paying the cancellation fee for a mobile contract? Or how muc is it for T-Mobile?
  4. Anyone have a U.S. Cellular phone FS?

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    I was looking to get a U.S. Cellular phone for a friend for Christmas b/c she has one of the oldest Nokias. (It's a good phone, but waaaay outdated.) I talked to U.S. Cellular and the only way they would sell me a phone without re-upping the contract is to buy one of their phones -- at retail...

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    I'm looking for a new cell list of priorities are as follows: -Good Reception (although this probably is determined more by who you have service through) -Small -Internet capability -Color Screen -Well made (I had a Ericsen cell phone a few years ago and the paint/finish would...
  6. Cellular install 2003 Sedan

    Mobile Electronics
    I just finished (almost) my handsfree kit install. This is a Nokia CARK-91 car kit. I installed the microphone in the overhead console where the OE microphone would go. The control module nicely fits behind the Climatronic control panel under the radio. I do not yet have an antenna, so I...
  7. Factory cellular phone?

    Volkswagen Passat B5 Discussion
    I was looking at my fuse box cover and in the icons were two symbols that made me think that there is a factory option for a phone. Could this be true? B5 1.8T ________________ 5150 Pa5.5at “I believe this is an option in mexico, and europe. Not avalible state side” ________________ good...
  8. Motorola T720 Cellular Phone - Anyone have this one yet?

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    I was thinking of replacing my Motorola V60c with a T720. Sounds like a good phone, but haven't used it yet or know anybody with one... Anyone have any info other that "sales info"? Looking for ease of use and if it is really worth it to upgrade to it? Or should I wait for some thing else...
  9. Need advice on cellular family plan - calling CO to Wisconsi

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    Need advice on cellular family plan - calling CO to Wisconsin I need some advice which cellular company and plan is the most beneficial for calling between Colorado and Wisconsin. Don't want to have long distance charges. Usage will be around 400 - 600 minutes.
  10. Cellular Antenna recommendations

    Mobile Electronics
    Cellular Antenna recommendations? I have a 2002 Passat GLS and was reading through the manuals when I noticed that it said: "Mobile telephones or CB radios should not be used in the vehicle unless a separate outside antenna is installed. If you use a mobile telephone or CB radio inside the...