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  1. Mobile Electronics
    Does anyone know how I can turn on Radio Text permanently on Blaupunkt Miami CD72? I have to turn it on from the settings each time I want to listen to the radio... It seems to remember all settings except Radio Text.
  2. Mobile Electronics
    Are there any primers/DIY sites that can help me get through the install of a Blaupunkt Miami unit into a non Monsoon 99 Passat? I currently have the stock tape unit. Any advice in general? Any help at all would be useful here. I am good with hammers and saws but electrical makes me nervous...
  3. Mobile Electronics
    The tech rep at Blaupunkt USA just told me that the Miami cd-72 is being discontinued for 2004. This is the one unit that perfectly matches the VW lights. I called him to find out what was up, because is selling them for $169.95 !!! If your looking for a great match for the...
  4. Mobile Electronics
    I'm looking to upgrade the HU in my '03 non-Monsoon. I'd like to maintain stock appearance so am interested in Blaupunkts, but I'd like better SQ than the Heidelberg. I'm looking at the Miami CD72 from the Skyline series. This page has a link to a picture of the unit installed in a VW...
1-4 of 4 Results